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Radiation Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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A lot of people are aware that radiation and chemotherapy are two treatments that are used to cure cancer. Some people would need to undergo radiation because the type of cancer that they have is still concentrated in one place. The radiation is meant to use high-energy particles that will kill the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy is usually infused in the body and it will help kill the cancer cells that may be located in one portion or certain portions of the body. It is also meant to kill cancer cells but in the process, healthy cells may be killed too. Chemotherapy is more focused on getting rid of the tumor or the area where the tumor was located to kill the cancer cells completely.

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Arno penzias and Robert Woodrow wilmson

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Per RAD Protection in Medical Radiography 7th Ed. page 80 the answer should be C/kg (Couloumbs per kilogram)

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