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Granulated sugar and castor sugar are two common types of sugar. Both types of sugar contain sucrose, which is the combination of fructose and glucose. Granulated sugar and castor sugar are similar, in that, you can also get your castor sugar by grinding the granulated sugar into smaller pieces. Granulated sugar is a type of sugar that has been chemically processed into large solid crystal sugar. Castor sugar is also a type of sugar which is gotten by grinding granular sugar into smaller pieces.

The first difference between granulated sugar and castor sugar is that granulated sugar is relatively larger in size than castor sugar. Granulated sugar is like a whole solid crystal, while castor sugar looks more like powdered sugar but it is not. Granulated sugar cannot dissolve very readily in water, while castor sugar can dissolve easily in water. Granulated sugar has less moisture, while castor sugar generates more moisture due to its smaller size.

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Cite and quote are two English words that have almost the same meaning. Most times, people use to think the two words are synonymous, and therefore, they can be used interchangeably. The fact is, some people are fond of using the number interchangeably but that doesn't mean they are actually the same. Citing simply means to use someone else spoken or written words or findings to validate whatever point you are making.

For example, you might be making a point and you still need more words and points to support your claim, you can easily use other people's words on the same matter to support your claim, but not necessarily exactly as the person said it or wrote it. To quote people means, to copy directly a piece of words that belongs to someone else for your own use. This means you're copying directly with a full sense of acknowledgment towards the person that owns the words. To cite also means to give examples.

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