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Psychedelic Drug Questions and Answers (Q&A)

There are costs and benefits to legalizing any drug, including psychedelics. The benefits are that legalizing psychedelics would take much of the industry out of the black market, making them much safer for people. Legal psychedelics might also generate income through taxes that could be used to benefit other parts of society.

Legalization might also mean that the drugs could be regulated in a more effective way, also making them safer. The costs of legalizing psychedelics are that the legalization might make them more acceptable so more people try them and become addicted or experience negative side effects. Psychedelics can be very dangerous substances so greater access is not necessarily a good thing.

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Many people experience DMT differently. Generally, it gives you a high that causes an altered state of mind. It can also feel like reality is distorted and you may see or hear things that are not really there. The hallucinations that people experience while on DMT can be really scary for some people.

These hallucinations and distortions of reality can lead to panic attacks for some people. Other people find the high of DMT enjoyable because it is an escape from reality and provides them with a "trip" without having to go anywhere. DMT is a much different high than other drugs.

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You won't necessarily feel the same paranoia from LSD as you do from marijuana. It really depends on your mood when you take it and the people around you. Many people find that marijuana makes them paranoid and anxious but LSD gives a body high as well as a different mental high.

You're unlikely to see pink elephants or whatever crazy hallucinations depicted in the movies unless you take a very high dose (don't do that!) What you will see are walls or other stationary objects moving slightly, sometimes a kaleidoscope of colors when your eyes are closed, and you may experience some arousal like you would on ecstasy.

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The effects of DMT can be similar to the effects of LSD in that the high can lead to hallucinations, irrational fears, and an overall distorted sense of reality. Some people claim to discover their life's purpose while on DMT or other mind-altering hallucinogenics. Whether these ideas are sustainable or achievable in reality is another question.

I cannot say whether you will discover your life's purpose while on DMT, but I can caution that the use of the drug can be dangerous and you should not make any major decisions about your life while you are high on DMT or any other drug.

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Taking a psychedelic substance alone is about as safe as taking any other drug alone. The problem with psychedelic drugs are the hallucinations they cause that can induce fear or panic attacks. If you've ever done drugs and had this reaction, you'll also know that friends aren't typically able to calm you down.

The only other concern is if you were to hurt yourself. With these things said, taking a psychedelic drug alone is probably just fine as long as you've experienced it before and aren't taking more than your normal dose.

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I would definitely not recommend taking an exam while under the influence of LSD. LSD is a very dangerous drug and I would not recommend taking it all. If you were to take LSD though, make sure you are in a safe place with trusted friends and you have a plan in case you experience panic attacks due to the drug.

There is no evidence that LSD would help you in an exam and it would most likely cause you to perform very badly on an exam. LSD will alter your state of mind and likely not in a way that will help you in any way.

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It's possible to overdose on LSD but not with the same symptoms as a drug like heroin. An overdose on LSD can include shakiness, very dilated pupils, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, nausea, sweating, and extreme drowsiness.

If the overdose is severe, bleeding inside the skull, irregular heart rate, dangerously high body temperature, seizures, and comas can occur. An overdose can happen when a user takes more of the drug to intensify the high or when taking LSD from an unknown source. Sometimes these unknown sources will sell blotters as a certain amount when really they contain double or triple the amount of LSD.

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Personally I would not take offense if someone called me a hippie. I happen to associate with the culture of hippies however. Others might take offense to the term, especially if they do not have a favorable opinion of hippies. Some of the negative stereotypes about hippies is that they are dirty and smelly.

Some people also might think they are privileged because they live a lifestyle that allows them to not hold down a job or be free of a society that demands a more rigorous schedule. It is also a common stereotype that hippies smoke a lot of marijuana and take other drugs.

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The long term side effects of taking psychedelics are more related to indirect effects that actual physiological symptoms of long term use. Psychedelics, unlike opiates, are not typically addictive, although some people can be addicted to the feelings and sensations of psychedelic use.

Long term use of psychedelics can have an impact on your brain patterns and ways of thinking. It can cause you to have a different perspective and maybe value things that you would not have valued had you not started using psychedelics. However some people do develop pyschosis or anxiety with long term use of pyschedelics.

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No, taking psychedelics does not increase your chance of developing Alzheimer's disease. Infact, some psychedelics are being explored as treatments for Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. Psychedelics such as mushrooms are in the experimental stages in order to determine the benefits and any potential side effects of taking the drug. It is likely that if a psychedelic such as mushrooms were to be used a treatment for Alzheimer's disease, there would be alterations to the drug in order to make it more pallatable for most patients.

This does not mean that people with Alzheimer's or other dimentias should experiment with psychedelics on theirs own. Psychedelics can be very dangerous to someone with dimentia if they are not in a safe place.

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