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If you ever had a bad day, then you may have had a problem that you tried to fix. You may also have had an issue that you needed to be worked out. In either case, these words are used interchangeably as synonyms often in people’s vocabulary. There are subtle differences between the definitions and usage of the words, issue and problem.

A problem is usually used to mean something that is more specific than an issue. An issue may be something more generally speaking. It also may be a situation that many people experience and can relate to. However, a problem is more specific to the individual person experiencing the situation. Either way, help would be needed to resolve either the issue or problem.

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This is wrong!!!!

Read the words. It says "for every 8 families that had an Advaent calendar." This means that all families had Advent calendars. There is no mention of any families without an Advent calendar. Furthermore, your answers suggest that everything is multiplied by 4. This would be 32, but the question says 56 in total !!!. This means there are only two answers: 14 with prayer and 28 with wreaths. There are seven 8's in 56, so the numbers 2 and should be multiplied by 7.

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The answer to this is A. A high white blood cell count usually indicates that there is an infection that the body is trying to fight off. When this happens, the surgery for the patient would need to be rescheduled so that the person will be cured of the infection. Getting surgery while having an infection may worsen the patient’s condition.

The other choices that are given are not normal too but since the levels are not too different from the normal levels, they will not cause any problem with the type of surgery that the patient was supposed to undergo. It is best that the CBC will be checked by the doctor before anything else.

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