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T. Lopez

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If something is vital and people should pay attention to it, then the word “urgent” or “important” might be used. However, there is a distinct difference between these two words. The word “important” is a word that is used more often in the English language. That means that it is probably overlooked and overused. The word “important” is not as important as it once was.

The word “urgent” really gets people’s attention. If you saw the word “urgent,” you would pay attention to it compared to using the word “important.” Therefore, the word “urgent” is more powerful and on a higher level than the word “important.” They both have similar meanings but different connotations. They also are the same part of speech.

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B. Wright

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Conquesentialism is known to be a type of theory that means that the things that people will do can lead to good and bad results. There are various consequences depending on the actions that will be done by people. Kantianism is based on the different moral values but will reiterate that there are some good actions that may lead to bad consequences later on.

Conquesentialism may encourage retributive justice while Kantiatism will not encourage this type of thing. There are times when the use of Kantiatism may result in some issues while the use of Conquesentialism will not lead to further issues or problems. People may believe more in theories that they are more familiar with.

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