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Answer by raghavendra singh banjare


then is used because the purpose what he does in th bove line

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The correct preposition for this is A. off. Off may be used as an adverb and it can also be used as a preposition. In this case, it is being used as a preposition. This is normally used to describe something that is about to leave or if you are describing yourself and your intention to leave...

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A is the right answer to this question. There are a lot of people who become confused with prepositions especially when they are not aware of how prepositions should be used. This sentence has a blank in between goes and school. This means that the preposition will be used should allude to...

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Option A - We should not spend money ON luxuries is the correct answer.
We should spend money FOR luxuries and We should not spent money WITH luxuries are not correct.

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C. Into

The preposition into indicates the inclusion in the composition or presence in the composition of something.

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I want to know whyis the correct answer across instead of near?

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Answer of 3rd question is in not into.i think you are fool.please contact me i will explain you what are preposition and how to use it. my phone no. is 8696783678

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The answer to this is A. It can be very confusing for a lot of people to use the right type of preposition because they all seem to sound the same. There are some prepositions that “seem right” for a particular sentence but they are wrong.

Some prepositions are used to show...

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May be he returned from a night shift?!

In that case "from" can be correct

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