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A.Declarations the conditions states the ground rules of the contract and spells out the responsibilites and obligiations of both the insurance company and the insurred.

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C is the best answer to this question. If in case of the pedal sticks, you should shift into neutral then find the right place to pull over and stop your car. When something is wrong with your car, you should not try to bring it out already as you may get into an accident or you might cause an accident that would involve other people.

You can double check your car and find the reason why the pedal has gotten stuck. You can also call a mechanic at the soonest possible time so that your issue can immediately be resolved. The moment that your car is fixed, you can bring it on the road again.

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The answers to this question are B and C. Nighttime driving is considered to be one hour after sunset or 12 midnight whichever happens earlier up to one hour before sunrise or 5 AM depending on which is later. There may be some differences in the rules regarding night time driving depending on where you live but the specification mentioned above is the most common that is being followed by people in most parts of the world.

There are some people who will not be allowed to drive at night unless they have already completed their certification of driving for 50 hours or more at night. This is a certification that you may need to get depending on where you live.

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The answer to this is A. When you overdrive your headlights, you are going to create a certain space in front of your car that you cannot see clearly. This means that you will become more prone to accidents especially if you do not know that there is another vehicle that is about to crash into your car.

Your headlights are very important especially when you are driving at night but the illusion that your headlights can give may be dangerous as well. You need to make sure that you will use your headlights properly. Here is to hoping that other drivers will take special care in using their headlights as well.

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The answer to this is C. You have the right to pass by the vehicle especially if the vehicle does not seem to show any sign of moving again. Even if the sudden stop may have frustrated you, you need to keep your cool while on the road. You still need to check if there are pedestrians because they may become affected if you allow your hot temper to take over.

Passing the vehicle without checking your surroundings may lead to an accident and you do not want that. Letter D is not ideal especially if you are passing through a honk-free zone. It can also just annoy the other cars that are not affected by your present situation.

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Mary's father has brown eyes which is either BB or Bb,her mother has blue eyes bb..since Mary has brown eyes, from the crossing of either BB and bb or crossing of Bb and bb, the only correct genotype for Mary is Bb. Therefore the crossing between Mary Bb and John bb will give Bb,Bb,bb and bb.

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If you are stranded in your vehicle while it is snowing, the best chance you have to stay within the vehicle. Going out to look for help can only make you lost and will deteriorate the energy reserves of your body. Moreover, you may get in an accident or be lost in the cold, making it difficult to stay safe. In comparison, you will be safe and much warmer within the confines of your vehicle.

A good choice is to start your engine every five minutes, this burns off some fuel and prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. You can stay warm inside while the snow clears up and can then look for help.

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Average sound speed in soft tissue should be 1540 m/s=1.54 km/s.should be A

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In any situation when passing a large truck (or even a large bus), you want to do both B and C. These kinds of vehicles tend to have very large blind spots, and they have multiple large blind spots. The Department of Transportation suggests that you make sure you can see the driver of the truck in the truck’s mirror before you start trying to pass. Passing from the right is always going to be harder because the right blind spot is larger, so it’s suggested you don’t pass on the right.

Finally, when passing a large truck or bus, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. It takes these vehicles longer to stop, so if you’re in an area you know well, avoid the spots where it will be stop and go traffic or where you know that a light is short. Passing here is a bad idea.

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