Poetry Questions and Answers

Metaphor and simile, simile and metaphor, metaphor simile, simile metaphor

1 Answer

The repetition of a consonant sound, particularly the initial consonants of two or more words.

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The following extract is an example of Symbolism. In poetry, symbolism is something that can be used to represent something else. The symbols in poetry are used to enhance the overall feel or the ...

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To be honest, this questions confuse me a bit as lazy lizards lounge cannot be considered as an onomatopoeia as lizards do not make that kind of a sound whereas whispers, slaps and smacks are the ...

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B. Tells a story, has a plot and an ending

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The Highwayman is a ballad that is written by the famous poet Alfred Noyes. This poem is divided into two parts. It revolves around the story that contains both love and suffering. For poetry ...

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Whisper, slap, smack I hear in the lunch room

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