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The correct answer to this question are choices A and B.

Workflow has been an admin’s friend for a long time. Workflows can update a field, send an email, create a task, and send an outbound message. These can be initiated when a record is created, whenever it meets a certain condition, or whenever it is first set to meet a certain condition. The actions can be performed in any combination and can even have a time delay, rather than be performed immediately. Process Builder also extends upon the things that workflow does.

For updating related records, Process Builder can update any field on any related record, where Workflow can only update some fields on a parent record of a Master-Detail relationship.

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The question is a bit confusing but it seems to be asking how will it be possible for different people to apply to one job posting. If this is the case, then the job application can be arranged in such a way that this will be possible. The job application should be open to different qualified candidates who will submit their job application there.

The fact that all of the job applications will be available there can make it easier for the company to check out the different credentials of the candidates. Those who are not qualified can be removed and those who have the right credentials and personality may score an interview with the company. This will definitely make screening candidates easier and faster.

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Parent-child relations, what fun! The correct answer is A here, or 1 record would be returned. As the previous answer half-elaborates, the reasoning behind this is because SalesForce makes it easy to find specific records that have a child relationship with this single record on the SOQL search.

It only returns one child record per search. Furthermore, SalesForce is a bit odd with the way they have their search set up.

You’d have to specifically search for the defining characteristic of the child record that makes it stand out from the others since the software is set up to only allow one parent-child relationship to be found with every query.
If you need more, you’re going to have to run multiple searches.

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The Recursive fails when it exceeds 16 times that is limitation of trigger rescursive invocation.

Total stack depth is 16 for any Apex invocation that recursively fires triggers due to insert, update, or delete statements.!

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This is the default, and means that the method or variable is accessible only within the Apex class in which it is defined. If you do not specify an access modifier, the method or variable is private.

Interface methods have no access modifiers. They are always global. For more information, see Interfaces.

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The correct answer to this question is A. One level or record an be returned in a single query when a developer writes a SOQL query to find child records for a specific parent. SalesForce makes it easy to find specific records that have a child relationship with the single record on the SOQL search. Only one child is returned per search.

In order to find a certain parent-child relationship, you would need to search specificially for defining characteristics of the child record, since the software is set up to only allow you to find one paretn-child relationship with every query.

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In Salesforce, there are limits due to making sure that everything runs on the same performance. Some of the governor limits include pre-transaction limits and static apex limits. These are just a few. Some of the pre-transaction limits include two hundred being the asynchronous limit for the total number of SOQL queries issued. The total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries is fifty thousand.

Also, the total number of SOSL queries issues is twenty. With these limits, there need to be warnings in order for the user not to exceed them. The helper class warns users when the trigger exceeds DML governor limits by preventing exceeding governor limits through creating the trigger before it exceeds the governor limits. Otherwise, there may be problems.

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A Workflow never can update child records, this is a capability of process builder, then the correct Answers are:

  • Create activities at mutiple intervals
  • Send an outbound message without Apex code.

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In Salesforce, a lookup relationship is when there are two objects and it lets you establish this connection between those two objects. A lookup field is needed to be created when there is a one opportunity to the many objects that you have. A custom object is one created for a specific purpose or project and the object will have fields and records in them. The two types of objects are the custom and the standard objects.

The standard objects are the default ones that Salesforce creates. The custom ones are created by the user. If a referenced standard object is deleted, then the custom object will automatically be deleted as well. Both the standard and custom components can be viewed but some can’t always be created by the user.

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Answer isC. The trigger enters an infinite loop and eventually fails.Please try to execute it and u will find that this is the right answer.
In future also remember, many people depend on the answer u type here, please confirm it before u type it here.
PS: no offense meant.

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