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Plastic Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Rubber and plastic are both fashioned of a polymerized material. There are fundamental differences between their physical and chemical properties. Rubber is a natural product, mainly garnered in the form of latex. Chemically, rubber is produced from a polymer of an organic compound called 'isoprene,' which is a fine carbon constitute with a very high final molecular weight because of the process of polymerization.

Natural rubber is heated with Sulphur to advance resistance and elasticity. Plastics are created of a wide range of synthetic and semi-synthetic polymer material, and they are usually used in industrial manufacturing of products. Plastics can be easily molded into various shapes, while rubber cannot.

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HCCB is the one such FMCGs that have implemented EPR effectively in their processes. HCCB’sproducts are offered in returnable glass bottles (RGBs), aluminum cans, PET bottles, and tetra packs. Around 30 % of the products of HCCB comes in RGBs that are completely recovered from the markets. HCCB also works with local bodies and NGOs for collection of the PET bottles which is the major contributor to plastic waste. Plastic waste management of the PET bottles are done in certified and recognized processing agencies across India and HCCB tries its best to reduce the plastic waste caused due to these PET bottles.

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