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South Beach and Atkins are two types of diets for people who desire to lose weight. Both South Beach and Atkins are very similar in that both propose a reduction in the intake of carbohydrates. Both diet regimens are organized almost in the same way. Both diet plans are structured on the claim that someone can start losing weight by eating as much fat and protein as possible but with a great reduction in carbohydrates intake.

The first period for both diet plans start by avoiding certain types of foods, and this goes on for 14 days, after which you move to the second phase, and finally the maintenance phase. The major difference between both diet regimens is that Atkins proposes the intake of any kind of fat product you can lay your hands on, while South Beach is specific on the types of fats you can take. South Beach does not advise saturated fat intake. Monounsaturated fats are usually advised.

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The names of these plans will let you know how you are going to pay for it. Prepaid means that you are going to pay for what you are going to consume ahead of time, which means that you can limit your usage correctly. Postpaid implies that you are going to pay for what you have consumed up to a specific time.

Postpaid plans will allow you to have seemingly unlimited credits to text, call, and surf the web, but the price that you have to pay will differ depending on how much you use it. Take note that prepaid credits do not last forever too. Some will let you know just how long you can use the credits. If you do not consume the credits before the said date, then the credits will only be wasted.

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