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Placement Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Distance and displacement are far from being the same as they have many notable differences. Distance is defined as the amount of space between two points, usually geographical points. Distance is a scalar quantity. It is the shortest distance between the starting and ending point. Distance never decrease over time. It is calculated as Speed Time. The values of distance are always positive.

Distance is denoted with the letter “d.” Displacement is defined as a length between two points with directional components. It refers to the shortest distance between two points. Displacement is a vector quantity. As time goes by, displacement decreases. Displacement can either be positive, negative, or zero. The formula for displacement is Velocity Time. Displacement is also denoted with the letter “s.” I hope you find this information helpful.

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Coronal polish can be done by an RDA with board approved course.

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I understand the need to take off surface cells and oils, but abrade implies skin injury.

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