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MPEG, which is the acronym for Moving Pictures Expert Group, is a set of compression technologies for video and audio and has a significant part throughout the history of digital video recording and playback. The innovative MPEG compression was used in video CDs. MPEG4 is used in DVDs and Blue-ray discs. The result of MPEG encoded VCD's is inferior to MPEG4.

MPEG4 is only one part of the more significant MPEG specification. MPEG4 is used in DVD's, while MPEG was initially used with CDs. MPEG4 is improved for portable media devices than MPEG. Another area where MPEG4 has seen substantial use in mobile devices such as personal music, video, players, smartphones, and tablets like the iPad and Galaxy tab. MPEG4 is capable of compressing videos with minimal loss in quality.

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There was people running away from fog

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Profile picture means, Identity of your profile by your image.

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