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The answer to this is letter B. 4 meters. The reason for this is based on the weights of the people who are using the see-saw. You should remember that the person on one side is 600 N while the person on the other side is 450N.

This means that without knowing where to properly sit, the...

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The equation E=mc2 was formulated by the great physicist Albert Einstein. Matter contains energy. To quantify this relationship, equation E=mc2 had been formulated. It states the correlation of energy and mass (the sum total of matter that forms a body or an object).

Energy is denoted...

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A dedicated agent, you might think, is an agent who does a good job because he takes his job seriously, but that’s not the business definition of this term. A dedicated agent is one that is assigned to be very familiar with a certain customer of your company. He knows your company just as...

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It would make sense that it would increase because there would be more crests or troughs per second, meaning the frequancy is increased. One might be inclined to say that it would double, however, we do not know the exact amount of increase.

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6 m

Distance of image to the object is (d + d) new d = 5-2 = 3 m d= d = 3m therefore d+d = 3+3 = 6m

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When two objects collide like cars, it is important to determine the magnitude of the crash based on the velocity and speed of the two items. To do that, you need to divide the mass or weight of the objects by the speed. In this case, the mass of one skater is 65 kilograms and the other mass of...

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None of these answers can be properly concluded. At every point along the rope, action = reaction. In a tug-of-war, at every point in the rope the forces pulling to the left are essentially equal to the forces pulling to the right.

Usually the acceleration is low and the mass of the...

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The middle of the robot.. The average position of the robot s height.

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Yes I got D - but sound waves can travel through gases
- they are just a transfer of energy and everyday we hear each other by the wave of energy travelling thorugh gas

so there should be another option of - 1 & 5

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