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Physical Geography Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I think, the labeled diagram is the Great Dividing Range.

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Why is this true? We believe that it is warm ocean currents

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Latitude, ocean currents, winds and air masses, elevation, relief, and nearness to water

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Mritime climate is at places near to the water/ocean while continental climate is inland away from water. the temparature of water increases and decreases slower than continental mass therefore the temperature amplitude in maritime climate is smaller while continental climate has a high temperature amplitude on a daily basis and seasonal. also continental climate is drier than maritime climate as the air humidity condensates and presipitates as the wind is travelling inland. over the ocean there is a lot of water condensating into the air which precipitates when hitting the continental mass and cooling the air down. examples for continental climate is australias inland desert. maritime climate is coastal, north of australia,islands in the indian ocean etc.

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There are different graphs that represent a number of things and statistics. Likewise, a climograph expresses the climatic parameters. It is a representation of the temperature and degree of precipitation which account for the results. Different climographs are developed for different locations and can help in predicting humidity and the degree of rain.

For instance, you can predict whether a city is subject to seasonal monsoons or not by a climograph. It is a valuable means of measuring and predicting the weather, especially in areas that are likely to have flooding or have been exposed to floods in the past. The climograph can help estimate the rain and hence act as a warning.

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