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I believe this answer is marked incorrectly. It should be participle since it is serving as an adjective modifying city. A gerund serves a noun, so that answer doesn't fit here.

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Sister in law because if my name is uncle then mother is the sister in law

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That still does not make sense
In riddles you are not meant to take a wild guess. There is meant to be an answer to it.

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The answer should be infinitive/preposition/preposition.

Only "to get" was underlined. The word "to" is used with a verb form, making it a verbal.

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"To get" in this sentenceis not a preposition. It is the infinitive form of a transitive verb synonomous with "arrive.""To our house" is a prepositional phrase that acts as the direct object to the verb "get". I could tell you how to get to my house. Or I could tell you how to arrive at m...Read More

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Participle because gerunds are noun and participle can be adjectives and they are saying...San Francisco is abustling cityin California. For example , if you removed bustling city and put clean city... it is describing san fransico that it is clean

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According to Yancey (1989), it was against the law to drink alcohol in the twenties, however everyone new local bars where liquor could be had. Organized crime ruled the cite at the time and the police were powerless to do anything. Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Armstrong, and Count Basie became you...Read More

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