Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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How can it be 4? Anaerobic respiration does indeed require Oxygen however it is an inconsistent process that can produce 2-36 ATP. 2 seems a more logical approach because Aerobic respiration occurs with Oxygen and it is guaranteed to make at least 36 if not 38 ATP the most.

If we are...

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Shouldn't it say, " the products of photosynthesis," instead of the "reactants?"

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Aerobic and anaerobic respiration are basically two means of utilizing food for energy. The main difference between each is the utilization of oxygen. The oxygen is available in abundance in aerobic respiration, so the glucose is fully broken down producing a larger yield of energy. On the...

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Isn't light energy one of the reactants

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T"he products of photosynthesis inhibit respiration. because it
releases the energy in sugars. It occurs in mitochondria. and use light energy,carbon, and dioxide and water to produce oxygen and sugaare.

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..."the products [required] for photosynthesis" are sugar and oxeygen. The wording of the question is unclear, it seems the question isasking what is at the start of the process. Assuming the question was asking what was at the start: the awnser that the quiz showed was correct would only have...

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Aerobic Respiration occurs with oxygen and makes 36 ATP:

1) Aerobic Respiration contains Kreb's Cycle and Electron Transport Chain (they produce 2+34 ATP together)

2) They need oxygen to occur (so, they are aerobic)

3) Anaerobic Respiration contains only glycolysis and...

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How so ? Because when realy cosidering the diagram the correct answer is C.

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