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Phishing Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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The web or cyber threat is one of the most prevalent threats in the world. These threats have been since the invention of the internet, threatening information security. The global information and technology industry spend up to on two-third of the world nations’ GDP for security purpose; this is worth billions of dollars in just one year.

However, the most prevailing, prominent, and famous threats to information security are phishing and spam. These threats cause different problems to the IT operations. The term ‘phishing’ evolves from the word ‘fishing,’ this is as a result of the dialect commonly used among the hackers whereby they replace the letter ‘f’ with ‘ph.’ Of all the advancements in technology that are of high using these days, phishing and spam seem to be the most destructive parts of them all.

Phishing operates by luring users into opening up their important information, like social security numbers, account passwords, credit card details, etc. However, spam appears as junk postings for email advertisement for some kinds of fake products.

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John Adney

Phishing pronounced as fishing, is a social engineering term used to steal the confidential data like login details, credit/debit card information. Phishing can often lead to identity theft.

Phishers or scammers aim to lead people to fake websites where they trick the genuine users to enter their personal details. Email is the most common method of phishing.

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