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Persuasive Writing Questions and Answers (Q&A)

School uniforms are a subject of debate in many societies. Where some parents argue that school uniforms oppress children, there are a many reasons that favor uniforms as well. The average person spends up to $1500 for school clothes every year. Wearing a uniform can be much more cost effective.

Furthermore, some people say that school uniforms also suppress bullying based on appearance and allow students to focus on their studies instead of fashion. For all these reasons, it is far better for students to wear uniforms to school instead of regular dressing. At least until they are old enough to choose their priorities.

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C is the best answer to this question. There is no need to ride the school bus going to school anymore when the school is within walking distance of the student’s home. A lot of vehicles contribute to the pollution that is being experienced by people every day. It will always help if people would also get enough exercise.

There was a time when people had no choice but to do more physical activities but the different items that were invented recently made people more sedentary. Making sure that the school is within walking distance can help students walk more. This simple activity can already improve one’s health a lot.

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2 Answers they can learn physically and understand more
2.and enjoy school more
3.and having a physical education everyday is not a negative thing, because we are going to learn more

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The answer is based on the style of citation which isn't provided in the question.

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