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The answer to this question is D. This is also known as a superinfection. This type of infection occurs when there is already an earlier infection that has occurred. This is the infection that may appear after treatment with antibiotics. This is harder to treat because this is already immune to the different antibiotics that were used in order to treat the earlier infection.

The patient exhibits some of the signs and symptoms that are usually associated with superinfection such as diarrhea. Aside from this, a person who has this condition may experience painful urination and may have some vaginal discharges. A superinfection is obviously harder to treat and would require a series of tests so that the proper treatment can be determined.

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D)patency of the patient airway,herat rate,core temperature and nail perfusion

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Having the patient involved in identifying themselves and using “two patient identifiers” is very essential in improving the reliability of the patient’s identification process. The use of two identifiers also helps ensure that there is a correct match between the service or treatment and the individual involved. This process will help in eliminating errors and enhance patient intensive care.

Patient identifier options include:

There names, assigned identification number such as medical record number, Date of a birth, Social Security number, Phone Number, Address, Pictorial print, etc.

Patients may keep wondering why their identity is confirmed so often but the Staff members should always explain to them that it is done to ensure the right care is provided to the right patient at the time.

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People who suffered back injuries might have damaged their spinal cord. They need extra care and need to be more extra careful in doing their daily activities. Medical assistants or nurses must be careful in handling their patients who have spinal cord injury. They must help the patient move their body easily transferring the weight to another. This is to avoid the muscles to freeze and numb.

It is also advisable to have recreational activities where the patients can participate in activities that they can do to help them feel good about themselves and be satisfied. One should also know the schedule when the patients need to go to the toilet. Above all, one must not belittle patients with spinal cord injury but uplift their self-esteem.

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Staph is a type of germ that can cause infections anywhere on the body. Most people have the staph germs on their skin at any given time without ill effect. There are several precautions you can take to prevent illness.

First, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly using soap and water. Cover all cuts or scrapes properly cleaned and then covered with bandages until they have healed. Do not touch other people’s open cuts or scrapes. Finally, don’t share towels, clothing, cosmetics, or other personal items, as this disease is contagious and easily spread from person to person.

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ADE. Diabetes causes a number of complications for patients in their daily life and when adding surgery to the mix, they can encounter even more. Hyperglycemia, or an excess of glucose in the bloodstream, is the main issue for diabetics.

This is related to glycosuria which is when the glucose is found in a patient’s urine. Any issues with glucose are obviously connected to diabetes. This can cause damage to your kidneys, which may eventually be tied to renal failure. Acidosis refers to extra acidity in the blood, which is caused by a number of issues, but not diabetes.

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