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Parallel Lines Questions and Answers (Q&A)

A postulate is a theory or hypothesis where proof is not needed because it is evident or it is thought of as true. On the other hand a theorem statement must be proven or has been proven using evidence through multiple problems and situations that have been worked out. One of the most common theorems is the Pythagorean Theorem where a2 + b2 = c2 which you usually use in a triangle to determine the length of one of the sides.

You must be able to know the other two sides. Then you put the numbers into this theorem to get the answer to the other side. This theorem came to be after completing many math problems related to this theorem. It eventually became a theorem.

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The correct answer to this question is B, which is the number 2. This question would be found on geometry tests. Parallel lines are lines in a plane that avoid intersecting. Variables are also known as unknown values. There are many formulas used to solve variables.

For example, to solve the area of a triangle, the formula A= 1/2bh can be used. This means area equals one half the base times the height. Once the correct formulas are known, the values can be plugged in to solve the variables. When solving a variable, one should use the order of operations in reverse. Instead of PEMDAS, SADMEP (subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, division, exponents, and parentheses) is the correct order to solve a variable.

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Just in case someone needs an understanding its all af them because the two parallel lines that the transversal cuts thriugh is made up of Corresponding, Alternate interior, and Alternate exterior angles.

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