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Osteoarthritis Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Osteoarthritis in the thumb can give the thumb a square appearance. This means that the right answer is A. The cartilage inside the joint may break down and in the process, the thumb becomes swollen. The fact that the joints are broken down makes the fingers have a different appearance from how they are supposed to look like. Take note that women are more prone to get this type of arthritis as compared to men.

Some women are bound to get this because it is in their genes while others are able to get it because they did not take proper care of themselves when they had the chance. Pay attention to your health choices as they will make huge differences in the long run.

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No matter what kind of arthritis you have, you never want to get any of them unless you want to be in excruciating pain. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disease that involves the immune system. There are a variety of symptoms and results. Many people confuse osteoarthritis with rheumatoid arthritis because of the similar symptoms that they have.

When someone used their joints frequently, usually through sports, then there is a lot of wear on their joints. This leads to a disease called osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the inflaming of the joints and the symptoms that follow. The osteoarthritis takes place with the pain slowly getting worse and worse, but people living with rheumatoid arthritis feel the pain instantly, and they could get worse quickly.

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Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel are health conditions that must be taken care of with seriousness to avoid the severity of pains that comes with the two conditions. Arthritis is the condition of the joints in which there is inflammation of the joints. This usually generates a lot of pains in the body, and it can be caused due to infections, it can also be caused as a result of the breaking down of the lining of the joints.

At times arthritis can be inherited. Carpal Tunnel, on the other hand, occurs when pressure is exerted on the central vein or nerve, especially the median vein or median nerve running through the forearm and arm. This usually generates a sensation of pain in hand, and it can also lead to numbness.

Carpal tunnel can be diagnosed using MRI, Ultrasound, and Electromyogram. In terms of treatment, arthritis can be treated by surgery depending on how critical the condition is, anti-inflammatory drugs can also be used. Carpal tunnel can also be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and medicines if needed

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Gradual degeneration of the movable joints, due to wear and tear of the articular cartilage,with the advancing age

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