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The Invoice should have a Master -Detail relationship to the Account ie. Account has to be master NOT the invoice

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Option C - As a string with each value separated by a semicolon is correct.
In a single record, a user selects multiple values from a multi - select pick list and the selected values are represented in apex as a string with each value separated by semi colon. This can be demonstrated as...
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What does it mean by
Copy the standard page and then make a new Visualforce page for Product data entry?

After all we can not copy a standard page in salesforce why is it the right answer of choice?

Please reply ASAP.

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A controller must interact with the database:
Custom Apex and Javascript code that is used to manipulate data.
Phrases like "Cloud Computing" and "Platform as a Service" have many meanings set forth by many sellers. This segment gives meanings of the terms to fill in as a basis for...
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Correct answer is option D. The two discrete types of change agents are internal and external change agents. The internal agents are the collection of agents that determine the actions and decisions which occur in an organization. They are usually employees of the organi...Read More

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Meter, because it is the basic METRIC unit for...Read More

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There are several blinds made nowadays by different companies, and it has left people with full option, and making a good choice has been an issue. Among these companies are Bali and Levolor who have similarities in their kind of products, but they actually possess some traits that...Read More

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There are many circumstances where you could need to implement a connection from Salesforce to a third party API using Apex. Apex has an interface called HttpCalloutMocks for standard callout tests. You need first to create a visual force page and some Apex code to execute the HTTP Callout to a...Read More

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PTA and PTO are both parent group organizations that look into the affairs of children in relation to their education and their development in society. PTA is a type of national parent group organization that help local parent groups who choose to work with them by providing support in tackling...Read More

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This depends entirely upon your contract. Read this carefully, including the small print. If there is nothing about such disclosures, then I would expect your searches for other work to be your own private business. On the other hand, if you have told peers in your workplace, you risk this...Read More

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