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Oracle Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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SAP is a well-known acronym that comes up when dealing with data processing. The acronym "SAP" simply means "Systems, Applications, and Products." SAP is majorly used in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which is designed to work for some certain kinds of business and functions by integrating several business software applications. Large corporations like IBM and Microsoft are well known to be using SAP. On the other hand, oracle simply means Objective Relational Database Management Systems {ORDBMS}; they can actually be hosted on several platforms.

There are different versions of the ORDBMS, varying from the simple versions which can be used personally to the enterprise-class versions. SAP, as an essential tool for business management, gives a chance for real-time tracking and management of accounting, sales, human resources, and finance in a particular enterprise or organization. The Oracle Corporation is the manufacturer of Oracle, which is usually made up of a single instance of an application at least, and used personally.

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Different keywords can be taken out of text and portrayed as a summary. It allows readers to understand the context easily without having to go through all the reading. For instance, when you chose rows in a table, or chose columns or attempt to bring together the different tables in order to create a link, it is best explained by some small keywords.

These words include selection, then projection and then join. It is important that you understand the concept and are able to gasp the integrity of the problem at hand. You can easily understand the whole thing by simply looking up the keywords.

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Oracle is basically a comprehensive database that allows companies to carry out all their administrative operations with ease.

Oracle has around 430000 customers in many different countries all over the world. This makes them one of the leading database companies around the globe.

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The answer to this question is E. You can join n tables (all having single column primary keys) in an SQL statement by specifying a minimum of n-1 join conditions. The columns in the join condition should coincide with each other. If in case there are some differences, then there may be issues in joining the columns together.

If you want to perform EQUI JOIN, you can also use the keyword JOIN then follow that with ON so that the columns that you have chosen will be checked if they are equal with each other. If they are found to be equal, then they would be matched and mixed well.

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The statement which shows the view definition of the view EMP_VIEW that is created based on the table EMP is given as: SELECT text FROM user_views WHERE view_name = EMP_VIEW. Oracle Corporation is a company that creates databases for a big number of clients all over the globe.

They specialize in creating databases for companies, and provide them a framework using which they can carry out complex management operations and keep a record of information of their employees and customers. It is considered to be a go-to source for content management systems and databases all over the globe.

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The answer to this question is answer choice D. In order to produce an output that states Dear Customer customer_name with the customer_name data values come from the CUSTOMER_NAME column in the CUSTOMERS table, they need to SELECT Dear Customer || customer_name || , FROM customer;. This specifically helps in the case when the customer’s table has the following columns: CUSTOMER_ID NUMBER(4) NOT NULL CUSTOMER_NAME VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULL CUSTOMER_ADDRESS VARCHAR2(150) CUSTOMER_PHONE VARCHAR2(20). This question tests how well you know how to use Oracle and SQL. SQL is a type of coding language that communicates with some type of database.

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Based on the given structure, I know of two statements that will have the ability to insert a row into the table. The first one is letter A. The other statement that will have the ability to insert a row into the table is letter D. Inserting a row into the table can be important especially if you would like to keep your list of employees in alphabetical order.

You want to make sure that if ever you need to find data about the employees, you simply need to input the surname and find the employee that you are looking for. There may also be different categorizations that you may use so you can find the employees you need easily.

For example, you may come up with a category wherein the people from one department will be lumped together depending on the specification that you will choose. The year employed is also another category you may consider doing.

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Creating a salary scale command is not something that people know initially especially if they have never received any training from it but those who are aware of how to do this command would simply need to set it at D.4 and f.7. Once you have created the command, that is the time when you can start making the salary spreadsheet.

This will allow you to keep track of the different people’s salaries and how much they would get. You can always start by creating your own worksheet. Make sure that you will name it appropriately so you will know the filename to look for whenever you need to access it. You can create specific columns depending on the details that you will input in the salary sheets.

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