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Operating System Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Both are Open Source Linux Distribution but they do have some differences that should be noted. Ubuntu is considered to be the most popular Linux-based open-source operating system. Fedora is the fourth most popular but it does not mean that there aren’t people who prefer the Fedora over the Linux.

Both will provide some updates and versions every half a year but you can expect to use the Ubuntu longer than the Fedora that will only be updated for the first 13 months. What makes Ubuntu popular is because it is based on Debian. Fedora is based on Red Hat Linux. These differences will allow people to make the right choice.

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The answer to this is A. There are times when people would be pressing to open one program several times when the program can only be opened one at a time. This is the critical period because the OS does not allow this to occur. Not all of the regions in the operating system are like this but it will help if you would know which ones. This will prevent you from pressing far too many times.

There are instances when doing this would cause the program to crash for some time and it would need to be rebooted so that it can work again. Take note that there are also some critical regions that are locked to those who are unauthorized to view the content.

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The Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro are the widely used versions of Windows 10. The following are the differences between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro:

a. Windows 10 Pro contains the, which is an encryption tool that protects the files on your hard drive or external USB flash drives. This a useful feature for those that have private data on their laptop; since the private data can only be accessed with a password. In contrast, the Windows 10 Home doesn't have the BitLocker.

b. Windows 10 Pro has the "Remote desktop" feature that enables the laptop to connect to another computer in the domain remotely unlike the Windows 10 Home that does not have any remote desktop.

c. Windows 10 Pro has the "Assigned Access" feature that helps the owner to determine the app that other users can access on the laptop. In contrast, the Windows 10 Home is devoid of this feature.

d. Windows 10 Pro has a feature that arranges updates via the cloud. This affords the opportunity of updating multiple laptops and computers in a domain at the same time—from a central laptop. But, the Windows 10 Home lacks this feature.

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This is a specific design principle in computer science. It implements that the mechanisms should be separate from the policies, so as to not dictate them. Most commonly, this is incorporated in security management, but can also be used in different problems. Originally, Per Brinch Hansen introduced the system, which decouples the mechanism implementations. This enables different policies to use the same mechanism.

Instead of replacing the entire system, they simply replace the module, which dictates the policy. Hence, two-level implementation can be conveniently used to separate mechanism from policy. In addition, where there are different policies at play, it makes sense to have an understandable means of labeling policies, instead of simply identifying them by their code.

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(C) More than one program in main memory & CPU can switch from one program to another

Multiprogramming is achieved when more than one programs can run simultaneously with each other in which one could be seen on screen but the other processes will be running in the background.

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RTOS refers to Real-Time Operating System, while OS is known as the operating system. Most people are already familiar with the OS because this makes sure that computers and other gadgets will work properly. The RTOS is used for certain applications that rely heavily on the accuracy of time. For example, the OS will do tasks differently from the RTOS when it comes to solving different mathematical equations.

The OS will aim to provide the needed answers in a short amount of time while the RTOS will make sure that the response time is always accurate. The OS is more widely used right now. In urban communities, it is normal for people to have a gadget with its own OS. The RTOS is being used more in specialized fields and industries.

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This question is incorrect in two ways: Finder corresponds to (Windows) Explorer. Also, in Windows 7 and higher there is no longer anything called "My Computer" on Windows. It's either just "Computer" or "This PC".

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Windows Explorer is not an operating system. Explorer is the technical name for the file folder icon that you click to bring up a list of all the documents on your computer, and every operating system has its own version of this application. You can search for specific documents here, or just browse through whatever folder it brought up. The named folders on a desktop are also quick links to specific areas in the Explorer application.

However, to the uninitiated, Red Hat can look like it’s not an operating system. They have released an operating system named Red Hat Linux, which works on any machine that can operate Linux. Solaris has released a Unix operating system, which works as long as a machine can read Unix.

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People are wondering if there is a “Do Not Disturb Option” on Mac. There is one that you can turn on when you can. Make sure that you will open the System Preferences. You can do this by going to the top left portion of your screen. Go to the button that says “Notifications” and you should look for the option that says “Do Not Disturb.”

This means that you will not hear anything even if there are some notifications or if you receive some messages from other people, you will not hear anything until you turn off these notifications. If you have a Mac OS X, make use of your keyboard shortcut to open the notifications.

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