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Nursing Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The correct answer to this question is B. Personal Care Assistants (PCA) are in charge of aging people are in need or medical attention or someone to help them do every day things that they are no longer capabe of doing.

PCAs should make sure that the bottom sheet in the bed is always free of wrinkles to prevent people on bed rest from getting bed sores. Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, can occur when there is a build up of pressure on the skin. They are localized damages to the skin that are a result of pressure or friction. Bed sores most often occur on the legs and feet.

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Any adult patient 65 or older

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Work as past of the health care team

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Work as part of the health care team

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Caring for a client with bronchogenic carcinoma takes conscious effort; there are some diagnosis tips to consider when dealing with this situation, which includes; maintaining a patent airway, alleviate any form of anxiety by explaining all procedures involved (psychological well-being matters too) amidst others. Thus, the highest priority and topmost concern of all is to maintain a patent airway based on the fact that the condition of the client may most likely compromise the airway; as such, ineffective airway clearance may lead to toxic secretion or obstruction by tumor.

To avoid problems, this must be monitored at all times as topmost priority. To the best of my knowledge, this nursing intervention has successfully saved the lives of many at the same time, saved the jobs of many nurses. It is quite important to take note of these priorities while taking care of a bronchogenic carcinoma patient.

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The answer to this is C. The person who is about to do the CPR should know this detail first to see if the abdominal thrust can be helpful or a few pats on the back will help get rid of the dislodged item from the part of the body where it has gotten stuck. There are moments when people become choked because of other reasons.

For instance, those who have consumed live octopus may not have chewed the octopus enough. This may have caused the person to choke. This can be hard to remove too because the octopus will attach itself to the airway in a very strong manner.

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The usual dose of a diabetic is 70% NPH insulin and 30% regular insulin. This combination involves the long acting NPH insulin that works for the diabetic for the entire day. The regular insulin has a shorter duration of action that allows the diabetic to manipulate the different amount of calories and different intake levels.

Humulin is also similar to the natural insulin that our body makes. This makes it similar to our body’s own combination. However, it is taken subcutaneously and shouldn’t be injected into the vein directly due to radical action and ultimate consequences. It is often used for diabetics aiming to control their blood sugar level.

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The goal of caring for a patient with sinus tachycardia (HR 120) is to slow the heart rate and nursing care tasks that can do that are encourage the patient to rest, give ordered medications for heart rate and pain, and provide O2 if indicated.

The prime duty of nurses is to carry out test and to provide proper assistance to ill people, providing specific care that is required for a particular diseases such as sinus tachycardia (HR 120). Through proper care and medical assistance from nurses, recovery from many potentially dangerous illnesses can be made possible.

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The major components of a comprehensive nursing assessment for old patients include Spiritual, psychological, social, functional, and physical aspects. Anyone who is going into the nursing field, needs to pass the examinations that are associated with it. Every country follows a different set of examinations.

Nevertheless, the basic components that a nurse needs to know are somewhat the same all over the globe. Nursing is a profession that exists within the health sector. It is focused towards the care of families, of individuals who are not well, and of communities that are at a risk of diseases or are suffering from one.

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