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Zoe is the best friend for Natalie because she is the one who says to her her secrets and encorages her to write the story.

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Fiction and Fantasy are words grounded into a similar principle of the non-truth. Fantasy is a subgenus of Fiction. It is a branch of Fiction that takes place in a world displaced from ours concerning venue and time. The differences between Fiction and Fantasy are as follows:

  • CONCEPT: Fiction is closely connoted with unbelievable science and advanced technologies (Such as Aliens, and Cyborgs), whereas fantasies are linked closer to an archetypal landscape that is culturally influenced, like the concept of dragons.
  • PERCEPTION: Fiction and Fantasy differ in how they are perceived; although, they are unknown concepts. In the Fiction scenario, the unknown is treated as something that must be understood, for it can cause significant change to the present world. However, in Fantasy, the unknown element is to be cherished, because it is strange by nature.
  • REALISM: Friction is much closer to the facts, or are all based on facts. Although they are still not right, they are almost always likely to be true. Conversely, Fantasies are often scientifically impossible concepts, as in the case of talking plants and flying horses. They do not exist in real life.

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Insanity is a general condition of having a mental disorder. It is an illness in which someone cannot discern what is real and logical or not and what is right from wrong. Obsession, on the other hand, is only a form of insanity. It is a specific mental condition that establishes when someone cannot control their passions. In the end, passion eventually controls the person.

This emotion becomes an obsession which deludes the person with irrational thinking and behaviors. Insane people, however, are not necessarily suffering from obsessions. People who are afflicted with having obsessions will often lead perfectly normal lives. With insanity, the person will typically lose all ability to function successfully in almost every area of their lives. An insane person will not be able to take care of themselves.

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A theme is a concept, a basic idea, or the topic of a novel, story or a text. It can be considered as the subject of a talk, a central idea of a piece of writing or fictional work. Moral is said to be a lesson gained from a particular novel or a story. Theme and moral intersects in their definitions and concepts with just minor differences. Theme is the basic idea of a text that is implied by the author while the moral is the lesson derived or gained from the particular text.

There might be several themes in a story, novel or text but moral, most times are usually (or restricted to) one in a given story or work of art. Theme begins a text, novel or a story, while moral is mostly stated at the end of the story. The plot of a writing is usually directed or built by the writer with the theme while a moral is specifically what the audience derives from being exposed to or exhausting the completed work.

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Idk I didn't read the book and I'm trying to find answers

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Wyatt Williams

Her Tribe was the Nuer. It discussed at the end because she was surprised that he gave her tribe water due to the beef that was between them.

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A book is more flexible as to what it can contain. It can be a fiction piece or it can be non-fiction. It can be a children's book, text book, comic book, instructional book, poetry book, cook book, or picture book too. But, a novel must have certain specific characteristics. Novels are fictional pieces that tell a story. Within the story, there are characters and a plot.

There are many types of novels such as romance, Amish type, drama, and science fiction. The novels can be for different age groups and various interest groups too. The person who writes a book or novel is an author. Books are written to provide more information than a simply pamplet or guidebook does or to add information which is too much copy for a website.

For instance, the maker of an anti-aging skin care line might put out a book on anti-aging skin care like telling how certain things age skin and also offering remedies to revive aging skin. The book might be for sale or might also be offered as a free gift to buyers of the company's skin care line. Novels deal with the creation of a made up story, usually following one of many plot blueprints like the circle, figure 8, or other ones that are common. Both books and novels are great for people who like to read and learn.

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The minimum length of a novel is 40,000 words. Anything shorter is not classified as a true novel. Most are actually longer, however, such as 50,000-words. To be a novel, a manuscript has to be of fiction genre or can be based on true happenings.

It can be a romance, science fiction, drama, or many other classifications. Many novels these days are as long as 100,000 words. When readers get involved in a novel, most like to keep reading so the longer ones are becoming more popular. There is also an advantage writers have to compiling their novels now and that is the use of the computer to research and to type it out into a manuscript with ease. Self publishing is another convenience.

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The most apparent difference between the two pads is their size. The iPad is much larger than the Pandigital Novel, and the screen of the iPad is more significant by almost three inches. The Pandigital Novel is purportedly an e-book reader, but it does not share the usual elements of an e-book reader. The iPad is classified as a multimedia device, while Pandigital Novel is a book reader with extended features. The iPad has hundreds of apps, while the Pandigital has none. The iPad has a cellular model, and the Pandigital Novel does not. The iPad has more internal memory but has no memory card slot. The iPad media is branded a multimedia device with the ability to read books as it’s the main feature. Pandigital users can also play games, listen to music, watch videos, and shop online.

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A novel doesn't have to be pure fictional. It can be based on facts. While fictionentails the writing of a story or book that is not true, non-fiction is fact base. There are novels that are based upon facts but that are literary works that are spurred by imagination and details added to a true story. One such novel based on facts is Truman Capote's book "In Cold Blood". Most novels are known for being fiction, however.

Even when nonfiction is used in a novel, it has a storyline and follows events and characters. A manual on how to do a specific thing would not be a novel, no matter how long it was and neither would a book about astronomy unless it was put into story form with characters and events.

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