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Newborn Nursing Questions and Answers (Q&A)

If a newborn has been on formula for the last 36-48 hours, the nurse should give the newborn a screening for PKU. The answer is A.

The other things are often not needed; vitamin K injections are routine in most American hospitals, if not all of them at this point. The other two options are not of serious concern unless the mother or father have had issues with this in their childhood.

The reason a nurse needs to screen for PKU is because there’s an acid in the formulas called phenylalanine. This amino acid is needed for life, but too much could indicate a lack of a liver enzyme. If a nurse doesn’t screen for this between the aforementioned hours of having formula, it could be bad for the newborn.

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Newborns are prone to losing heat as their natural water from the body evaporates. A nurse’s job is to make sure that newborns will not lose their body heat. The best option to this is letter D. This means that the nurse has to dry the newborn completely so that its body heat will not evaporate along with the water.

Take note that this is also true for newborns that are being bathed. They should be dried quickly so they will not lose their body heat. Of course, the other methods mentioned above can also be effective in maintaining the child’s body heat but option D is the most important thing that nurses can do.

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