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Villi and microvilli are both found in the human body. The fact that the word 'villi' is present in the two words does not mean they are referring to the same thing. In fact, their functions in the body are different. Villi are like small projections from a mucous membrane, particularly those...Read More

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Two terms that usually surface in network protocols, computers, and file systems are the NFS and the CIFS. You may have encountered them once or twice when you are using your computer and have no idea what they are. Let us start with NFS. NFS stands for Network File System that is usually used...Read More

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CCDA is the acronym for Cisco-Certified Design Associate, CCDP stands for Cisco-Certified Design Professional and CCDE is the acronym for Cisco-Certified Design Expert. These three terms refer to certification systems for individuals that are knowledgeable on Cisco products. Therefore, they are...Read More

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Local Area Network is otherwise known as LAN, whereas VLAN is the Virtual LAN. LAN is a local assembly of network devices which employ the communications between the connected devices. VLAN is a type of LAN which boosts the capabilities of a flat LAN. LAN works on a single broadcast domain...Read More

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The correct answer to this question is the Internet. The Internet is a part of our everyday lives. Whether for work, school, or to browse through Instagram, we all need the Internet. The first website was by Berners-Lee in 1991. This website was to teach users how to create theirs on...Read More

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LPR and RAW are both network protocols, used in network printing. The term network printing refers to printing to one printer from multiple computers and devices, without the need for cables. This is done by connecting the printer and computers to the same network. LPR stands for Line Printer...Read More

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Networks allow people to send messages and keep data accurate from one computer to another. It allows many users to have access to their data and manipulate it if needed and others can look at it. They do not need to be on the same computers to do this. However, a physical network address is...Read More

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The first virus detected was called 'Creeper' and was found on ARPANET which was the predecessor to the internet. The virus was written by Bob Thomas in 1971. It was used to infect DEC PDP-10 computers that ran the TENEX operating system. Elk Cloner was written by a 15-year old and was designed...Read More

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PSTN stands for “Public Switched Telephone Network.” Small organizations mostly use PSTN. The signals of PSTN are analog from the exchange to the final user; they are also used primarily as single lines. It is delivered to the premises through pairs of coppers wires that are...Read More

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The main difference between the two is that UMTS is known to be a type of cellular technology while the WCDMA is known to be a type of air interface. The WCDMA is normally used in order to communicate with other devices. UMTS means Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. This is the newer...Read More

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