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NCLEX Practice Test Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Alert the physician about cloudy or foul-smelling urine. The nurse should advise the patient should keep themselves hydrated. A nephrostomy is a common urologic, interventional radiology procedure in which a tube/catheter is introduced into the renal collecting system. Percutaneous nephrolithotomy was established as a treatment option for removing kidney stones.

This procedure removes medium-sized or larger renal calculi from the patient’ urinary tract. After the procedure, the tiny pieces of kidney stones pass out your body in your urine. The ultrasonic probe is to be inserted through a nephrostomy tube and generate sound waves to destroy renal calculi.

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A is the answer to this question. The kidney is one of the most common places wherein renal calculi formation is reported. The calculi have the tendency to go down the urinary tract without getting dislodged or causing problems in the urinary tract. When it reaches the kidney, that is the time when it may get dislodged. The other choices available may also be afflicted with the renal calculi but it is not very common.

There are certain tests that will determine this but from the various symptoms that are mentioned above, it is evident that the kidney is affected. It is important for the patient to get urgent care in order to not worsen the symptoms and the condition in general.

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Acute renal failure is also known now as acute kidney failure. This signifies the loss of kidney functions that can happen in a sudden manner. There are a lot of people who get this condition who never recover from it while there are also others who are able to reverse it. The care of nurses can be essential.

The answer to this is C. The fluid intake should be limited because the output of urine will be lessened. When there is too much fluid inside the body, this can have certain complications. For instance, some patients suffer with pulmonary edema. There are also some people who suffer from heart failure.

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Based on the given choices, the answer to this question is D. White blood cell (WBC) count of 20,000/mm3. This is not the normal white blood cell count. In fact, this is above the normal white blood cell count which means that the body is fighting an infection. Just to remember, the normal WBC is about 4,500 - 11,000.

It would depend on the individual. It is also bad when people are suffering from white blood cells that are too low. Some may get it because they lack vitamins while others have it because they have serious blood disorders. White blood cell count that is not normal means that there is something wrong with the body and that it should be addressed immediately.

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