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NCLEX Pn Questions and Answers (Q&A)

B is the answer to this question. This is a requirement because there is a need to check if there is an increase in intracranial pressure. An increase in intracranial pressure means that there is pressure inside the skull.

This can be very problematic because this can make the infant confused. The treatments for this type of condition can be life-threatening because of the serious complications that may occur.

There are some early signs that the physician has to watch out for in order to assess if the infant is suffering from this condition. Intracranial pressure is usually one of the signs of other diseases that need to be addressed immediately.

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The answer to this is A. When people undergo transsphenoidal hypophysectomy, their growth hormones are usually affected by this. This will cause their blood sugar levels to increase. It will not be ideal to do letter B as it can cause problems with some areas of the mouth.

Letter C is also incorrect because this position is not recommended for someone who has the condition. The patient’s head should be elevated to reduce the pressure.

D is not recommended as well because this will give pressure to the patient’s affected side. This is sometimes known to cause leakages of the cerebral spinal fluid which can cause further issues in the long run.

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The answer to this is B. Epiglottitis. This is an inflammation of the epiglottis which is the one responsible for making sure that the food we eat does not go to the windpipe. The symptoms of this include all of the signs that are mentioned in the given.

There would be a chance in the person’s voice and this will be coupled with fever. The nurse should contact the doctor immediately because this is known to be a life-threatening condition if it is not treated immediately. When the epiglottis swells up, it blocks your airways and you will not be able to breathe properly. A person would need to breathe in order to survive.

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In the medical industry, the CPM machine refers to the continuous passive motion machine. The reason for it is to rehabilitate the knee or other limb like the arm back to the way it was. If someone has had knee or shoulder replacement, this machine may be attached to their limb to start moving it in the right direction so that they feel better.

The goal for the patient is ultimately to be able to make their knee or shoulder function appropriately in all situations without or limited pain. When something is flexion, then that item is bending or being bent. The primary purpose for using the continuous passive motion machine for the client with a total knee repair is to promote the flexion of the artificial joint.

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Option D - Requesting an alternate form of the medication. It is best to give another form of amoxicillin to this client.

Giving the medication as ordered can cause this client to bleed. Providing extra water with the medication will not stop the possible irritation that the medication will cause to the client. Giving the medication with an antacid is wrong, amoxicillin should not be taken with milk or antacid.

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The correct answer to this question is D. A hip spica cast holds a child's pelvis and one or both legs in the proper healing position. Tucking a disposable diaper at the perineal opening will help keep the cast clean by preventing soiling by urine and stool.

The child does not need high-calorie foods that would cause weight gain while she is immobilized by the cast, and the child's head and upper body should be elevated at all times. Additionally, the child should not be allowed to place objects such as crayons beneath the cast, which can cause pressure areas to develop.

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