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Naruto Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The correct answer to this question is A, Bushy brow. Rock Lee is a fictional animated character that appears in the Naruto novels, games, and television series. He is apart of Team Guy. Initially, not the most skillful, Rock Lee was able to train to become a taijutsu master. Seeing him, one would understand the meaning behind his nickname, as his brows are thick and hairy.

Other standouts about his appearance are that he has shiny, short hair and round eyes. His bowl cut hairstyle is mimicked from his idol Guy. Rock Lee is also known for wearing a green jumpsuit paired with orange legwarmers.

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The Kohaku clan was otherwise known as ninjas, and once known as the Shinobi have several unique abilities. One of them is performing missions, and some of these missions include performing manual labor acting as escorts, obtaining secret information, retrieving stolen items, and even carrying out secret assassinations. When the war was rampant over their land, ninjas would bravely defend their villages.

A most exciting and unique technique is their ability to manipulate chakra to create and use their methods. They are also notorious for being loyal to their villages for life. They fight to remain in control of their precious land, and they fight until death. The one genuinely unique ability they must bring the dead back as zombies.

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The correct answer to this is letter C. There are moments when the elements are stronger depending on those who are using them. For example, there are some that can use the fire element and still be stronger than all the others who do have not mastered the use of the other elements available.

Naruto is known to use wind and he does not have any other innate types. He may be able to use the other types if he would learn but there is no need to learn the other types anymore because he is already strong as a user of the wind element.

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