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The answer to this question is D. People who love horror and thriller movies have definitely watched this movie probably because this is gory and it also has a story. People have enjoyed watching House of Wax before, and there are also some who would like to watch the movie again and again.

This story is about a group of college friends who were traveling to go to a football game, but they had a flat tire in a ghost town. They would like to seek shelter, and the only one that they have found is the wax museum. Their troubles started from there. This is a thriller that will delight those who want to watch films like this.

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The correct answer is option C
Christiana Ricci played the character Kat Harvey in the original Casper film.
Casper is a 1995 American comedy film; Kat Harvey is the 13 year old daughter of Dr. James Harvey (played by Bill Pullman). She was Casper’s love interest.

She lost her mother (Amelia Harvey). Because of the constant moving around of her and her father, she was unable to form long term relationships and she became lonely
The film also starred Devon Sawa, Malachi Pearson, Joe Alaskey, Brad Garret, Cathy Moriarty, Ben Stein, Amy Brenneman, Eric idle, Jessica Wesson, and Garrett Ratliff Henson.

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The answer to this is D. This is an American crime drama film wherein a refugee from Cuba named Tony Montana arrived in Miami. He started with nothing, and he did not have anything, but because of the different things that he has done, he has become a powerful drug dealer. There are different series right now that are remakes of original films. The remake is going to be played by Diego Luna, and there are already reports that it has started filming, but there are not enough details that are available about this yet. The other information about the rest of the cast is still being finalized.

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