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Moon Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Super moon is bigger than a normal moon because it is closer to earth. super moon is also brighter

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In order to solve this, you need to know how to compute weight when on the moon. The astronaut weighs 700N on earth. This can be multiplied by the moon’s gravity which is 0.165. Once you get the answer which is letter D, then that is the astronaut’s weight on the moon.

You have to remember that even if people would weigh less once they are on the moon, their body’s overall mass will still remain the same. This means that once the astronaut gets back to earth, the weight once again will become 700N when computed. This will only change if the astronaut has lost weight while doing the expedition.

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The important of moon in our lives is more than daytime

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The first person to land on moon is neil armstrong

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The moon is a? (round) (satellite)

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The moon is a celestial body that orbits planet earth, and it is the only permanent natural satellite. The moon is silvery white, round, bright, and mysterious. Smooth, flat craters make up most of the moon's surface. Some physical features of the moon are craters, lava plains, etcetera.

The rays are bright streaks radiating from certain craters. The moon is ten percent the size of the earth and it has a small core that consists of iron and elements. The moon is often associated with magic, mystical happenings, and even the birth of babies.

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Earths rotation

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