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Mood And Tone Questions and Answers (Q&A)

After reading the passage, the tone may not be completely obvious to you. If you look at the answers given, you can automatically rule out urgent and factual. This leaves somber and intimate. Somber is defined as dark or dull in color which doesn't quite match the tone.

This leaves the last option for the tone as intimate. Intimacy is considered to be closely acquainted or having a closeness to someone. This quote is definitely intimate, as the author is speaking about sharing his heart. Hemingway also writes about being so close that the two are indistinguishable from the other showing intimacy and familiarity with one another.

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I would have to go with C. I feel that the speaker is feeling disappointed because he expected so much more from the American people. He stated that he believed that the success of the country and its signs of progress have occurred because of the open-mindedness of the people but it turns out that he was wrong. This is where his disappointment is coming from.

It does not seem like he is hopeless because he had hope in the beginning about how the American people would accept the music of his band. It seems like he was just stating what he has experienced from the whole scenario. It also does not seem like he is full of remorse because it seems that he does not regret what he has done. He is also not sardonic at the very least. I truly feel that he is just disappointed.

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