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This statement is false because momentum is a vector thus both magnitude and direction is taken into account.

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The answer to this is letter B. How was this conclusion reached? You need to check out the numbers used in the given as well as the direction used. According to the question, you are trying to get your dog to pull towards the direction that you want. Since your dog pulled you 15 Newtons t...Read More

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The answer to this is A. The sum of their momentums is still the same with the sum of their momentums before they have collided with each other. There can be slight differences with their momentum depending on the sizes of the objects that will collide with each other. The speed of the objects...Read More

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A collision is considered inelastic as long as the coefficient of restitution, e, is smaller than 1 or as long as kinetic energy is lost in the collision.

For two objects to stick together after a collision, it should be called a "perfectly inelastic collision", where e=0.

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Shouldn't it Bounce at a lesser height because it's an inelastic collision

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One way to make complex math problems easier to understand is to relate them to everyday things. This can make the process of solving math problems more fun as well as more understandable. The mathematical explanation of impulse and momentum can be explained with the help of a scenario...Read More

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