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Its 2000 now.

Over 2000 mutual fund schemes offered by 47 mutual funds – and multiple options within those schemes – make it difficult for investors to choose between them.

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The procedure for updating of KIM shall be done at least once in a year and filed with SEBI forthwith. Hence, the given statement is undoubtedly false.

KIM stands forKey Information Memorandum as it contains the key information of the scheme about which an investor should know. KIM is said to be a summary of SID & SAI as it comes attached along with the application form of the scheme.

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The correct answer to this question is FALSE.

Companies that have a high risk of defaulting on their interest payments usually have high interest rates on their corporate bonds. These types of bonds are referred to as high yield bonds, or junk bonds. Junk bonds are risky investments, but they have speculative appeal because they offer much higher yields than bonds with higher credit ratings. Investors demand that junk bonds pay higher yields as compensation for the risk of investing in them.

If a junk bond manages to turn its financial performance around and has its credit rating upgraded, the investor may see a substantial appreciation in the bond’s price.

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ETF gold is like a promise rather than the real thing. Obviously holding physical gold suggests a need for a heavyweight secure hold for keeping the treasure. It's more convenient for a company to hold it and to provide you with evidence that you 'own' a set share of it. But there are risks.

The largest, most popular gold ETF, is an investment fund, whose physical gold backs its shares, the share price tracking the price of actual gold, Few investors have a claim on the underlying gold unless they have loads of shares.

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The northernmost point in India is called Indira Kaul or Col. The name comes from the world col or mountain pass. Thus the Indira Col is a mountain pass which is located on the Indira Ridge and is located in the Karakoram Range. It is a very unique place as the apex and summit of the mountain pass is where three countries come together and they are India, China, and Pakistan.

There are several surrounding passes on the Indira Ridge that carry that Indira Kaul name but today there is only one that is recognized as the main Indira Kaul. It has been visited by several explorerers over the years with notable explorations of the area being done in 1981 and in 1988 with both explorations being done by natives of India. This is also an area that has several tribes and indigneous peoples in constant dispute with each other over rights to territory and land that is situated around Indira Kaul.

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In science, you may have to calculate the acceleration or mass of something based on the formula designated for acceleration. The method is known as being acceleration is equal to the final velocity minus the initial speed over time, which is the change in the velocity divided by the time.

Therefore, you must first know the velocity. The velocity can also be calculated based on its formula, which is velocity is equal to speed divided by time. In this situation, a massless string is wound around a uniform hollow cylinder of mass which is represented by M and radius which is represented by R. The string does not slip on the cylinder. Therefore, the acceleration that will let the mass fall on the release is G/2.

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Let cost of apple is x and for mango is y
=> total cost of 5apple and 4 mangos is 324 (=369)
and cost of 7 apple and 8 mango is 720 (=4815)

Now, (1)+(2) will give 12x+12y=1044
Multiply 2 in both sides, will get 24x+24y=2088 (Ans)

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The invisible web is also referred to as the deep web. This is B. The part of the internet which is hidden from search engines. You should realize that there are a lot of things on the internet that is still not seen because of various reasons. There may be websites that are created solely for private purposes and they should not be visible through typing some keywords on the search engine bar.

Some people think that information is not found because of people’s limited research skills but there are also some that are meant to not be found online. There are also some things that can only be searched through specific keywords that are unrelated to what you will actually see.

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Latest minimum net worth requirement for AMC is Rs. 10 crores...

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Why not this option "Create a formula field to automatically capture the data in Salesforce" ??

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