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MLA Format Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The answer would be "Alphabetical" because it is asking if it is listed in _____ order.

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MLA formatting dictates that your works cited page should always list your sources alphabetically. Preferably, this is done by the authors’ last names. However, if an article doesn’t have an author, you are supposed to use the title to put it into alphabetical order. Say you have authors Scott, White, Jamison, Jackson, and Hubert (all last names in this case), and the titles “How to Clean” and “Cleaning with Lemons”.

Under MLA format, you would have your list in this order: “Cleaning with Lemons”, “How to Clean”, Hubert, Jackson, Jamison, Scott, White. Notice that when the H title and name came up, the second letter had to be used to create a true alphabetical order. The same applies to the two authors with “J” last names.

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