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Military Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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MOLLE and ALICE are terms used in the military which describe rucksacks that can withstand hard usage without breaking. One shouldn't make any mistake to think MOLLE and ALICE are names, especially for women. MOLLE is the short form of Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, while ALICE is the short form of All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. There is no big difference between MOLLE and ALICE in terms of purpose because both are load carrying equipment, but the various differences between them can be noticed in the area of structure, components.

Let's start with MOLLE. considering the modular part in its full form, it means it is a load carrying system with different modules or spaces where different equipment can be stored. And because of its lightness, it can be carried with ease. ALICE, on the other hand, serves the same purposes like MOLLE, just that it has two different components. The first component contains fighting loads or ammunitions, while the second component contains existence loads. And this is just the advantage which ALICE has over MOLLE.

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The first military goes back as far as the ancient times. Chariots were believed to be used by the military in order to move their soldiers or fighters to different areas. There were two people in the chariot. One would be steering and the other would be firing arrows at the enemy. One of the first military leaders was in Egypt. Ramses II was a Pharaoh in Egypt who commanded the army during the Battle of Kadesh. This took place in 1247 BC.

Also there were military leaders in China due to China having a long history. His name was Qin Shi Huang. The terracotta soldiers is a famous landmark due to its long history and this leader is buried there.

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Many of the top ranking military countries contribute or set aside a lot of money for their budget for the military. During a time when terrorism is active, North Korea has many nuclear weapons and there is much fighting in Syria, now is the time that the US is depending on their military due to so many conflicts with other countries.

Right now, the country has been fighting for years on the war on terrorism. Therefore, the US had to establish a strong budget on the military in order for them to fight the ISIS, ISIL and Taliban groups among others in order to stop them from doing senseless attacks on innocent people without any prediction that this was going to take place.

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A country’s decision to require their citizens to be conscripted (drafted) to serve in the military is generally made by the country’s government. Should the country’s government make such a decision? Many countries believe they should mandate military service because they believe they need a large force to protect their nation’s security from outside threats. Korea, Israel, Iran, China and Turkey are just a few of the many countries which have made the decision to have a draft.

The United States of America (USA) had a military draft that began in 1948 and ended in 1973 when the USA switched to an all-volunteer military.

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In the USA, this question is irrelevant because US law requires civilian control of the US military. The US Constitution was written this way to incorporate the balance of powers. It’s a balance because while the President is the commander in chief, only the Congress has the power to declare war and fund the military.

And, the President has many military commanders and defense department experts with plenty of military experience to help him. In other countries, when the commander in chief comes from within the military, that country is typically a dictatorship or an autocracy. Examples of military commanders in chief include Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin.

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The gesture that most represents a symbol of respect and horror among those who are service personnel is called the salute. The salute is made for those who are arriving or departing. It is the equivalent of the military’s wink and a nod of acknowledgment. The salute is mostly associate with armed forces and other kinds of organized forces or groups.

In the Commonwealth of Nations, only the commissioned officers are acknowledged, and the salute is to the commission they carry from their commander in chief. It is the noblest gesture of respect to your fellow officers. In military tradition, there have been a plethora of variations in terms of ways to salute, and formal hand gestures are most common.

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CIA and DIA are parts of the United States of America security agencies. They are created to ensure the security of citizens and property. As much as both CIA and DIA are federal security agencies, they differ in some ways especially when it comes to their constitutional duties. CIA is the acronym for Central Intelligence Agency. The security agency is saddled with the responsibility of gathering intelligence that gives information relevant to national security.

CIA also collect that information, process it and send the information to the government so that necessary decision and action will be taken on it. DIA, on the other hand, is the acronym for Defense Intelligence Agency, and It is also a federal security agency. As the name implies, it is saddled with the responsibility of gathering intelligence that will be useful in defending the country in its foreign military mission. It gathers information about weapon production and distribution, it also provides useful information about Troops movements, their capabilities, strategies and battlefield intelligence.

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It is very difficult for me to decide which the most successful military campaign was. Unfortunately, there have been far too many successful military campaigns in that throughout history over a billion people have died in wars or in the aftermath of wars. Admittedly, some military actions were and are necessary to stop evil in the world such as was seen with Hitler and is currently being seen with ISIS and other terrorist groups.

However, if I have to choose, I would choose Sherman’s March to the Sea during the USA’s Civil War. Sherman’s march did not result in a lot of casualties but it killed the South’s will to continue fighting.

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India was termed the “jewel in the crown” because it was the most valuable of all of Great Britain’s colonies. Britain exploited India for its natural resources as well as its location. Britain literally milked India for the raw materials they could get and then sell at elevated prices.

Among these were Indian pepper, silk, cotton, porcelain, fine spices, tea, and coffee. India’s location was perfect too as it is in between Britain and China so it was perfect for the silk trade.

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