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This is an easy thing to do. It is answer B: select the slide thumbnails in that section and choose “apply a different theme.” To apply it to only the selected slides, you need to use the “apply to selected slides” option instead of “apply to all.” Once you have chosen your theme and hit okay or apply, double check to make sure that the theme was applied only to the slides you wanted it to apply to.

Powerpoint offers a lot of different themes and options for making your presentation stand out. The themes are only one way of making this happen. Other things you can do include linking to Youtube videos, adding animation, and adding sounds to your presentation.

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People use powerpoints to create presentations for large groups of people as long as there is a computer and screen to show the powerpoint on. There are many effects that can be included along with the content. This makes the presentation more enjoyable to the audience.

One way is to have the text appear on the screen instead of having the text already on the screen when the presenter clicks to the next slide. The presenter may want to do this so that she or he could ask questions to the audience before portraying the answers to the audience.

The easiest way to do this is to type the text first and then apply an entrance effect. Then set it to by letter in the effect options dialog box.

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The correct answer to this question is option 4 – All of the above
A slide in power point is a page created using the Microsoft Power point program. It is a single page of presentation where you can create your desired result.

The slide can contain title, text, graphs, drawn objects, shapes, clip arts, drawn art, and other visual designs.
Slides are not only seen in Microsoft power point. They are also seen in other presentation programs such as Apple Keynote, Apache, OpenOffice and Libreoffice.
Hope you find this useful.

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This is the slides pain located at the left side of the window. You may be making your presentation and you want to add more slides in between some of the slides that you have already done. What are you supposed to do then? The best option is to make sure that you will click on ‘Add Slide’ located at the left-side panel.

Excel is known to be one of the most well-known programs that you can use to create presentations. Just one tip to remember: make sure that your presentation is easy to understand and is packed with all of the vital information that your audience would need to know. The more that people understand, the more successful your presentation is.

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The answer to this is D. You have the option to have different transitions depending on what you think will work best for your presentation. There is a simple type of transition wherein the slide will just skip to the next slide. If you would like to be more flamboyant, there are some transitions that will take more than 2 seconds.

It will work as long as it would fit the type of presentation that you have in mind. Making a presentation will be highly important especially if you need to impress the people with whom you will present your idea. You can design the slides appropriately and make sure that the effects are not over the top.

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On a powerpoint presentation, like any action where you are using computer applications, it is important to save any important addition or change. So the answer to the question about placing an organization chart on a slide is that you must first update it, and then save it.

This would be the correct solution whatever addition you are making to a powerpoint presentation, even if it were only adding a couple of names to a list. The presentation must be completely clear to those watching it, so the organization chart should be fully checked for accuracy.

If errors are discovered then after saving the presentation, the errors should be corrected, the file updated and saved again.

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Simply press the backspace key. You do not have to use the "Delete Slide" command.

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If you want to do something simple then you do not have to make a lot of effort. Just choose the layout from the Slide Layout task plane. It will allow you to choose a layout for every slide instead of choosing just one layout for all of the slides. There are some slides that will require different layouts from each other. You can make your presentation more organized this way.

A lot of people still choose Microsoft Powerpoint for their presentation needs even if there are other types of software programs available that can supposedly provide the same features. This can be used by students and even by people who are working in the office as this is user-friendly.

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The answer to this is B. You can click on backspace until you go back to the slide that you need. This is actually very useful as you do not need to go to the main document and exit the presentation just to find the slid that you are looking for. There is always an easy way to find the slide that you want.

Being aware of the keyboard commands will help you dominate the presentation of your PowerPoint without much fuss. This way, you can focus on what you are trying to say. It will give you more time to let your audience understand what you are talking about.

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The correct answer to this question is C, Pack and Go. This feature allows you to compress presentations into files. These files can then be distributed via disk, CD's, networks, USB, and other various other media formats. Powerpoint is a Microsoft software, which creates presentation slide shows.

For businesses and schools, Powerpoints are vital communication tools. It can be used for training courses, policy overviews, company announcements, a lesson plan, and study guides. Pack and Go is useful for not everyone has Powerpoint, so it allows the slideshow to still be shared or installed on a device without this software.

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