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This is the wrong answer! One cannot remove a spreadsheet from a workbook by saving it.. it has to be "Right click on the spreadsheet tab and select DELETE"

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To average, you add the numeric values of all the items and then divide by the NUMBER OFITEMS added.
Capitalization is not an issue...

  • =(A1+A2+A3+A4+A5)/5
  • =AVERAGE(a1:a5)
I got the question right, but my answer was marked "wrong".

My answer was, =(A1+A2+A3+A4+A5)/5

My answer should not have been marked "wrong", but it was. There's a problem in the programming.

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The answer to this is B. if you would read the directions carefully, letter A says that you have to do a single click then go to the left. Your main intention is to widen the column that you are using to fit the details that you will place.

Why do you need to go to the left then? Letter C says that you can just click ALT and single-click anywhere in the column. The column would need the right direction so that it can be widened or narrowed depending on your needs.

Since you are widening the column, double-clicking will allow you to have better control over how wide the column is going to be. You can adjust it accordingly depending on your needs.

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I can set up spread sheets with basic formulas, but I do realise that Excel can do much more and I want to be able to create complex database / data sheets and be able to analyse date. Also link spread sheets one toanother.

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The IF function is one of the more popular and practical tasks in Excel. You use an IF statement to tell Excel to test a condition and to return another value if the condition is not met. The IF function is one of Excel's logical functions that evaluates a certain condition and returns the value you specify if the conditions are true, and another value if the condition is false.

The IF function has three arguments. The logical test, for example, is of a value of the logical expression that can be true or false. In this argument, specify text value, date, number, or comparison operator.

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The answer here is misleading. If you have two worksheets that are non adjacent and wanted to group just those two, you would use ctrl, not shift. If you use shift, you will grab all the worksheets between the two you wanted to group. This answer is not correct.

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Excel is often used when people need to keep track of data that includes mostly numbers. Excel is known for being spreadsheets. A user of the software program will create a spreadsheet and then type in the data. Other types of information may be used like column headings. The data can be manipulated and sorted, but it can also have a formula put into one of the cells so that the other numbers that are typed into it are calculated using that formula.

The spreadsheet resembles a grid and so there are columns that are labeled with letters across the top going horizontally and then there are numbered rows that are vertical. There can be more than one hundred thousand rows in just one Excel spreadsheet.

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There is also a new one .SmartSheet. They have a massive valuation. Check it out at

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You can use AutoSum to quickly sum a range of numbers in a column or row. Click an empty-cell below a column of numbers or to the right of a row of numbers, and then click AutoSum. Excel selects what it determines to be the most likely range of data.

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In Excel, many people use it in order to type in formulas into the cells. In that way, they won’t have to calculate information and data for each set of numbers in each cell. The excel spreadsheet and formula do that for you. If you want to paste a formula result, but you do not want to paste the underlying formula to another cell, there is something you should do.

You should copy the formula from the cell and then put it into the cell where you want to copy it into. Then click Paste. This can be found on the standard toolbar and it is under formulas. This will allow you to do the first step in learning about formulas in excel spreadsheets.

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