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A namespace can be defined as different kinds of symbols which are used to identify objects of various kinds, so that there won't be the ambiguity of objects and so that each object can be easily traced to their source. The most important thing to know about namespace is that it uses different kinds of elements that have a unique name or identifier.

This is possible because each of the elements has a unique syntax. It is also used to organize classes in a logical manner, and this simple feature is the reason why many people consider it to be useful. The namespace also set boundaries between different classes.

Assembly, on the other hand, is a building block of an application. Assembly deals with the gathering of types and resources to build a function or a logical unit. Assembly also contains executable codes and information which can be accessed and those ones in the implementation unit.

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Autonumber field only helps with the order in which they were created. Helps determine if something was deleted and how many records you have. However,the order of columns in a multi-column index definitely matters. One type of query may need a certain column order for the index. If you have several types of queries, you might need several indexes to help them, with columns in different orders.

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Microsoft Exchange 2010 Enterprise and Standard are the types of Microsoft exchange 2010. The 2010 version of the Microsoft exchange is very useful. It helps in managing the company's messaging activities. It also helps in providing management tools like contacts, calendar and tasks.

However, there are differences between the two types of Microsoft exchange 2010. One of the major differences between them is that, Microsoft exchange 2010 enterprise CAL comes with voice mail which gives you the opportunity to send messages without having to type them.

It also provides unified messaging, whereas the standard version of the Microsoft exchange does not have. Microsoft exchange 2010 enterprise comes with a server which can host up to 100 databases, while the standard version of Microsoft exchange 2010 can only host just five. The syncing policies of Microsoft exchange 2010 standard CAL are too complex, while enterprise exchange 2010 gives only the basic.

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The PS4, which is Play Station 4, is much less expensive than the Xbox One, and the PS4 looks much smarter, and it has a better design compared to the Xbox One. The DRM, or digital rights management, of Microsoft, is very intricate, and your console needs to be online continuously.

The Xbox One console uses Cloud, which is one of the greatest gaming options today. Play Station is developed by Sony and Xbox is designed by Microsoft and runs on Internet Explorer. It has been said that Play Station 4 has better graphics and the games are more entertaining.

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The correct answer to this question is A, Referential integrity is enforced. This is a concept related to relational databases. The concept states that the table and their relationships must always be consistent. Another way to explain referential integrity is that foreign keys must always agree with the primary keys.

In the same token, any primary key must always match the foreign keys. Its purpose is to prevent orphans, as well as keep the sync of references. It prevents any necessary information from being deleted, and the record no longer exists. It would be used in the Microsoft software Microsoft Access.

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XBOX 360 Pro is an example of different advance game consoles that are available in the market. XBOX 360 pro comes with so many additional features which makes it more superior than those that existed before it. There is no significant difference between XBOX 360 Pro and Arcade because arcade is just a type of XBOX 360 Pro. There are other two types of Xbox 360 Pro, elite and Pro. The major difference between the three is the various features they contain, and they also differ in terms of price.

While arcade is not equipped with any hard disk drive, Pro can boast of 60GB drive, while elite comes with the highest, which is 120GB drive. Although there is 256MB memory capacity for the arcade to store its files, it still can't be enough. Also the 60GB that comes with the Pro version might not be enough after some time. However, Xbox 360 Pro is more expensive than arcade

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The HLookup Function is beneficial for creating horizontal lookups, but it is not very popular in comparison to VLookup. This Function is one of the essential tasks in Microsoft Excel. The VLookup has mainly vertical tables.

Vlookup is the most popular and oldest Lookup formula in Excel used to perform lookups within the column in a table. The HLookup Function is utilized when data is listed in rows instead of columns, and it searches for a value horizontally, through the rows. When executing a VLookup, each match found will return the corresponding amount on the same row.

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I believe the most successful venture of Microsoft has been Microsoft office. I think that is the software program and product that is probably the most popular for both companies and for personal use. I believe they have probably made the most money off of Microsoft office. It is expensive and when you buy a new computer you most likely need to have it installed in order to do any type of documents or presentations.

There are other software programs out there that are for eat are much cheaper but some people get used to the Microsoft office and so they have to purchase that in order to create documents and presentations easily. Microsoft has had other successful products but I believe office is the most successful.

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Most amazing thing about Microsoft is probably Bill Gates. He is known for creating the Microsoft Company back when he was in college. I think it is amazing that someone in college could create a company as big as Microsoft has become. Most people think that college students spend their time in dorms and to create something as impacting as Microsoft it is hard to believe that it was created in a dorm room.

Also it is difficult for someone to get a company off the ground because most companies fail and he was able to make it a powerful company and therefore make a lot of money off of it. There are many amazing things about Microsoft including their products like Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint.

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To work at Microsoft company, you would need a lot of skill and talent because I believe they only hire the best but they would also pay a high salary. Software developers are in high demand in most areas of the country because so many companies rely on computers and may need certain software to match what they’re doing.

At Microsoft the salaries forced many software developers are around the $100,000 mark giver take a few 1000 depending on experience and education. I would assume that as someone at Microsoft works there for several years they would get promoted and their salary would increase as result. They probably have other jobs of Microsoft that also pay as well as the software developers because they’re as in demand as the software developers.

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