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Microorganism Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Option C - Biodegradable
Biodegradable refers to any substance or object that can be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.
The compound is anything that is composed of 2 or more elements or mixture.

Environment-friendly refers to materials that have little or no harm to the ecosystem.
Recycled refers to any waste material that is converted into a new substance or object.

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In order to kill microorganisms, antiseptics can be used to make this possible. The antiseptic can be effective in inhibiting the growth of the microorganism especially on the outer portion of the body but there are also some that can be consumed so that microorganisms inside the body can also be killed.

Sterilization is different because it does not make use of chemicals in order to make the object or the person free from bacteria. This can actually eliminate every living thing that is in a certain surface area. Thermal disinfection does not make use of chemicals too. Rather, heat is used in order to sterilize different medical equipment and tools to make them safe to use again.

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It may seem that nails, tissues, and money have nothing in common. However, they have something in common with each other. They have a general commonality that they share with millions of other things. This may be why you did not notice what they have in common. They are considered to fall under the category of fomites.

A fomite is a thing that contains germs on it and can transmit viruses to something else because usually they are often used by someone or something and are not cleaned before someone else uses it. Tissues are used and contain many germs because people blow their noses on it. Then it must be moved to the trash can. Many people often handle money.

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The main difference between the two is the process that they do to get their food. A mushroom is considered to be a saprophyte, and this is in charge of getting food from other plants so that it will thrive and survive. A parasite can get food from both plants and animals.

For example, a tick may live on a dog for the longest time because this means that the tick will have access to the dog’s blood, which it needs to survive. These two need to depend on other organisms to survive. If they would not find anything to latch on, their end is inevitable.

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an obligate aerobe

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