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Metal Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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We need to know science safetyrules before we do a lab because if we don’t know the rules and are dealing with dangerous chemicals, we can get poisoned, burned, and somebody hurt. In this situation you would need to know these rules: wear goggles, gloves,aprons, and to read the...Read More

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Not all metals are silver or grey. Metals can also be gold or bronze. Bronze is actually copper mixed with a little tin. Copper is the closest metal to orange. It's a soft metal, so things like pennies are made from another metal and just coated with copper. If you mix other metals with copper,...Read More

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FMJ stands for Full Metal Jacket. Skullcandy FMJ and FMJ 09 refer to earphones. FMJ refers to a particular model of FMS earbuds. Skullcandy separates the earphones into two categories, which are the buds and the earphones. Buds are the earphones which sit and get adjusted inside the ear. They...Read More

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If you are a type that does not know much about how a blazer looks like or how a suit jacket looks like, chances are you would not know the difference between the two because they are very similar. Both blazer and suit jacket can be worn to as an informal or formal dress. However, there are...Read More

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Iron is a metal substance, and it is one of the elements in chemistry with the symbol, Fe, and atomic number 26. It belongs to group 8 and period four on the periodic table. According to its location on the periodic table, it is referred to as the transition element. Iron and its alloys are the...Read More

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Known as Zn, zinc is on the periodic table and is an element. It is in the group 12 on the table and has similarities to magnesium. Its atomic number is 30. It appears silver to gray in color. Elements can combine to make other elements or things. If you were to melt aluminum and it was heated...Read More

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Today, home remodeling may involve changing out the countertops in the kitchen. This may be done whether the home is a family home, or it is going to be flipped. In either way, the homeowner must determine which material they want to use. If it is in an upper-class neighborhood, then the...Read More

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Chrome and nickel are two types of plating, and they come in different finishes. Both are a coating of metals which can be laid upon another metal. When applied on metal, they give a good shape of the surface of another element, and they are often used for decorative reasons. However, there are...Read More

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There are some people who are not too familiar with the differences between FET and MOSFET. FET means Field Electric Transistor. A MOSFET is a type of FET. This stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. A lot of people who use this often may call common things that are not...Read More

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