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An active information-processing system that recieves, stores and recovers information.

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Pointer and reference are two important variables which can be used by a compiler in knowing the storage of an item. However, there are many differences between pointer and reference. A pointer is used in storing the memory address of another object or variable. The use of pointers to store the...Read More

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In order to memorise any material you must first encode it. This is the first stage of memory. Encoding means processing the material, that is, 'taking in' the sound, sight and meaning of the material. The second stage is storing the material. Initially, the information is held in short term...Read More

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From the abbreviations, you can already guess that these two are types of RAM or Random Access Memory. These are types of RAM that may have been more popular in the past. Over the past years, more things have been offered to people so they would like to try things that can be considered to be...Read More

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Elaborative rehearsal

Elaborative rehearsal has a number of practical applications for students. The learning of new information is more likely to be retained in LTM when you: - think about what the new information means. - ask questions about the new information. - link new...
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Relearning, recall and recognition.

They are described as the measures of retention.

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You can more easily relate new information to knowledge already in memory

Visual imagery encoding relies on forming a mental picture of the information to be remembered.

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