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Memory Questions and Answers (Q&A)

J. Alva
Answered: Oct 10, 2019
Virtual and Cache memory are two types of memory out of many that exist. Both differ in some ways. Virtual memory is a type of memory used by the computer to extend the capacity of its memory...Read More

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John Adney
Answered: Oct 03, 2017

Being color blind doesnt help on this test.if you cant ser it that sucks.

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John Adney
Answered: Jan 17, 2017
A process of encoding, storing,retrival

1 Answer

H. Martin, Content Writer
Answered: Aug 10, 2018
In order to memorise any material you must first encode it. This is the first stage of memory. Encoding means processing the material, that is, 'taking in' the sound, sight and meaning of the...Read More

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T. Moore, Writer
Answered: Jun 18, 2019
From the abbreviations, you can already guess that these two are types of RAM or Random Access Memory. These are types of RAM that may have been more popular in the past. Over the past years,...Read More

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A. Samuel, Content Manager
Answered: Jul 12, 2019
The memory of a computer is classified into two categories, which include a primary and secondary memory. Primary memory is the main memory of a computer where the currently processing data...Read More

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