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Medication Administration Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Checking label right after giving medication to patient is killing. It is rather more correct to check for name, dosage, amount and route before giving drugs to avoid giving medication wrongly.

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The answer should be

Right time, Right route, Right amount, Right medication, Right patient, and documentation. I believe "D" is correct: Right dose, right patient, right formulation, right documentation and right medication

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Wright route, right medication,right ducumentation, right dose, right time,riht date

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Patient 's room number or bed should never be used as and identifier.

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Hmmmm very different from what I have learned. We give SL route FOR the speed of absorption.

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Follow right of medication administration.

CHECK expiry

colour and cosistency

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See if they have a PRN ordered

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The six rights of safe medication administration

1. Right patient

  1. Ask the patient their first and last name
  2. Does the order match the patient?

2. Right medication

  1. Does the medication label match the order?
  2. Be vigilant with look-alike and sound-alike medications

3. Right dose

  1. Does the strength and dosage match the order?
  2. Is it half, whole or multiple tablets?

4. Right time

  1. Does the administration time match the order?
  2. Before administering a PRN medication, ensure specified time interval has passed

5. Right route

  1. Does the route match the order?
  2. Can this be crushed or mixed in other substances?
  3. Have any transdermal patches been removed?

6. Right documentation

  1. Document immediately after the medication is administered

OSH12669 AUG’13

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Your answer is incorrect.Your answer doesn't include checking to see if you have the right patient.

Remember the phrase "I must do this right"

I = Right patient

Must = Right medication

Do = Right dose

This = Right Time

Right = Right Route

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PRN is a medical term pertaining to medication. PRN stands for prescribed as needed and refers to medicines that a patient takes only when they need it versus medicines that would be taken on a schedule at a certain time and a certain number of times a day.

At times PRN may also refer to other things such as an employee that is not considered to be employed full time or even part time but instead is called into work when needed. A hospital, a doctor’s office or a nursing home are often places where one would find PRN employees as well as PRN medications.

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