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Windows Enterprise Edition because its corporate license based so we have to update the license

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D is the answer to this question. If in case you are wondering what is the main difference between a routable and a non-routable IP address, it is how easy they would be to view. The routable IP address can obviously be viewed easily because it is visible. The non-routable IP address, on the...Read More

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Usually, if you have a computer, you probably have Windows on it. Every year or so, Windows is updated. You may get those update messages that state you will need to update when you go to log off and shut down your computer. Sometimes, the update will only take a few minutes. However, sometimes...Read More

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A data center is one that is like a container. This container holds all of the vital information and software plus things that you would need to operate your computer and probably your company. The data center can be a building or room. If a company has two datacenter locations, then they have...Read More

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