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Mathematics Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Mathematics is a field of study. It includes an array of topics such as change, space, quantity, and structure. Being that it is such a complex field, there is not one definition for mathematics, other than people study it. Mathematics has many subjects like geometry, which deals with shapes and theory, which deals with quantity.

Most researchers date math back to the times of the Greek, specifically to the work of Elements by Euclid. Other 19th century mathematicians such as Giuseppe Peano and David Hilbert are credited to the study of math. This study is vital to everyday life, from counting money to cooking.

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The answer to this is C. It is evident from the statements that only men are invited to become part of the club. Women are not allowed to take part in the club at all. Some of the men are invited to dinner but there are also some who were not able to attend. The dinner does not seem to require the presence of all the members of the club. This means that A cannot be the answer.

B is also obviously not the right answer because it was reiterated that only men were invited to become members of the club. D cannot be the answer too because it says, gentlemen. Who knows if all the officers that were invited to dinner can be considered gentlemen.

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The correct answer to this question is 30%. This type of question could be found on both a math or science test. It is related to the Hardy–Weinberg Principle. This principle is also known as HWE or the Hardy–Weinberg law. It is named after mathematician G. H. Hardy and gynecologist Wilhelm Weinberg.

Nowadays, the test is primarily used to test matting that is non-random. For a population to remain at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium under the Hardy-Weinberg principle, five conditions must be met. These conditions include random mating, a large breeding population, no natural selection, no immigration, and no change in allelic frequency.

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This is a test of logic and attention to detailed instructions. Options B and D can be ruled out because both contradict the information given in the question. Option C could be correct as there is nothing in the question that rules out the possibility that X married a doctor.

Equally, it could be incorrect if one of the other women married a doctor, but we don't know their choices. If one of them married a doctor than option A would be correct, i.e. that none of the options A to D is true.

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E, 144

So, we can think of this question as“how many small rectangles can fit into the larger one”. Thus, we are dealing with “area” and we need to convert one or the other into the same units of measure.

I will convert the big sheet into inches. We know that:

• 1 foot = 12 inches

3 ft (12 in)/(1 ft) = 36 inches

5 ft (12 in)/(1 ft) = 60 inches

1.) Therfore, 3 ft = 36 inches and 5 ft = 60 inches

2.) Now, let’s find the area of the big rectangle (sheet).

36 in 60 in = 2160 in^2

The area of the big rectangle is 2160 inches squared.

3.) We want to know how many small rectangles can fit into the big one, so now, we need tofind the area of the smaller rectangle too

3 in 5 in = 15 in^2

The area of the smaller rectangle is 15 inches squared.

4.) Now, we divide the big rectangle area by the small rectangle area. This will tell us how many small rectangles can fit into the big one.

2160 in^2 / 15 in^2 = 144

Our units cancel out perfectly. We can make 144 small cards.

Thank you for reading and I hope that this helps.


The Real McKoy

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The correct answer to this question is B, three ft/1 yds. This is the correct answer because the yards must cancel. To do so, the yard must be one, making it 3ft =1 yd, which in fraction form translates to 3ft/1yd. This type of question would be found on a math test, for ft and yd are both abbreviations for measurements. Ft stands for the foot. Yd stands for the yard.

Fractions are also important to measurements because they can provide conversions between different units of measurements. When measuring, it is important to calculate properly to not only get the correct answer but also not over the measure.

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MATHEMATICS does not have a full form because it is a complete word which stands for something else entirely. Any attempt to make a full form of it will make the word meaningless. Mathematics is from the Greek word 'Methema' which literally means 'what one discovers' or 'what one learns'. Mathematics is one of the core science subjects which has a lot of applications to modern discoveries and technology Mathematics is a subject that deals with calculations, and it is often called by maths instead of its full form. Mathematics as a subject is an important pillar on which technological discoveries are built on.

Many students do not like mathematics and the reason is because of the nature of the subject. It requires a level of brilliancy from students because there are so many rules, theorems that must be understood before going into the application of Mathematics in solving mathematical problems.

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D is the answer to this question. It can be complicated to estimate the frequency of alleles but as long as you know the right formula in order to solve the question, this is possible. The formula that can be used for this is: p + q = 1 p2 + 2pq + q2 = 1.

To make it easier for you, you should always start by computing for the q2 then push through with the other things that you have to know. The moment that you know q2, you can already get the square root and find out what q is. Once you have gotten the right answer to this, you have already gotten the frequency for the recessive allele.

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The correct answer to this question is 36%. With the information given, we know that 64% of the Chinese population has unattatched earlobes. Those with these earlobes are the dominant group. This means that the answer must be under 64%. A percentage is complete at 100%, so we can subtract 64 from 100, to give us 36% as the answer.

This type of question would be found on a math test and is fairly simple to answer if one reads and calculates correctly. This question could also be found on a SAT, to test one's understanding of mathematics and reading comprehension skills.

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