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Obvs 144 but I put D bc it's like the best answer out of all the other options so KYS, if it wasn't for your stupid error I could've got 100.

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because this is in Rule no.3(all FINAL ZEROS to the RIGHT OF THE DECIMAL are SIGNIFICANT

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Ascending and Descending are antonyms. This shows that whatever meaning you have for ascending; the opposite will be descending. These two words are used mostly in mathematics or any subject area that deals with measurement and classification. Whenever ascending is used, it means different items are to be classified or arranged based on their size, such that they are arranged as they increase in size. For example, counting from 1-100 is in ascending order, i.e., you are starting from the least to the highest.

Whenever the word Descending is used, it means you are to arrange items as they decrease in size or amount. For example, counting from 100- 1 is in descending order. Ascending is a verb which means to move upward, to soar. While descending is the exact opposite of ascending, i.e., to move downward. Ascending is used in many professions to show the upward movement of an object while descending describes the downward movement of an object.

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Rule = L X B

8m X 6m = 48

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The correct answer to this question is B. If two cars are 400 meters apart and a collision occurs while one is traveling east at 30 meters per second and the other is traveling west at 20 meters per second, you would need to solve for x to find out how much time elapsed before the two cars collided.

To do this, you would multiply one speed of 30 by the time of x to the other speed of 20 to the time of x to equal the distance of 400 meters. When you add the 30x and the 20x, you get 50x. You would then need to divide 400 by 50 to get x which equals 8 seconds.

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The most challenging subject to most people yet interesting to a few and needed in life is math. In my opinion, math concept is different from math skill. A math concept is if a person knows how to perform an operation that he or she can explain it to others. An example is student A learned the concept of PEMDAS and all the rules needed to remember.

He could explain it to others as he has the grasp of the PEMDAS concept. Math skill, on the other hand, is the ability to perform the operation and know various problems that may arise in a given math concept. An example is student A answered a PEMDAS problem with no difficulties and asked his teacher that one equation is not possible as it will not give a proper answer. Usually, for one to obtain a math skill he or she must know the concept first.

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Two words that are usually interchangeably used are adsorbent and absorbent as they almost have the same spelling and pronunciation. To give enlightenment, here are the differences between these two so you would know what word you will be using next time. The adsorbent is a type of material that undergone the process of by which a gas, liquid or dissolved solid can adhere itself to an adsorbent material.

The process of adsorption does not absorb liquid, gas or solid into the material. A good example of adsorbent material is silica gel. You would not notice any change in its appearance or weight but it helps in keeping your items (or medicine) safe from water damage. The absorbent is a material that can dissolve or absorb liquid or gas inside it. The most common absorbent materials are paper towels, sponges, and napkins that are used in cleaning or absorbing liquid spills.

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Take note that this is an isosceles triangle. This means that the A and C angles are the same with each other. These angles are equal to 70 Degrees. To solve this, start with 180 Degrees then subtract 40 degrees so that you will get 140 Degrees. You can divide this into two which means that you will get 70 Degrees.

The angle bisectors are AM and CM. They need to be divided into half. So from 70 Degrees divided into 2, you will get 35 Degrees. This means that the final equation will be 180 Degrees minus 35 Degrees minus 35 Degrees again in order to get the answer of 110 Degrees. This means that the answer is A.

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12.48 / 8 = 1.56

8 boxes = 12.48

1 box = 1.56

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This will take a while to type because i know a lot of digits of pi but.. it is from my knowledge

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