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In the business world, the promotion of one’s company’s product is an essential thing. This is where marketing skills and tools come into place, taking initiatives in delivering powerful, branded, compact, and consistent messages to the customers. When it comes to the promotion of products, two of the marketing tools that have really proven to be very effective are Taglines and Slogans. They are two different marketing tools that have a lot of things in common.

Slogans can be an expression, idiom, trademark, saying, or phrase that distinguishes one’s product and make it notable even amidst other similar products. These serve as the foundation or root of the marketing strategy of one’s company, whereby helping to make the company and the products trustable. Taglines help to identify a company and its product by repeating messages in the form a short phrase, that is used for marketing and advertising so as to promote the company and its products.

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A. Email templates to be included in the drip program
B. Logic behind the drip program
D. Recipient list(s) for the drip program

Before you begin

There are three items that you will need to have ready before creating a drip program:

  1. The logic behind your drip program. Whether you are using a drip program to nurture new leads or to re-engage old prospects, you will need to think through the logic behind the process. Do you want to send an email and pause 10 days before sending another or pause 30 days? What content are you hoping to share with your prospects? When should the nurturing tracks divide?For examples of drip programs with images and best practices information, seeDrip Program Sample Templates. For details about the actions you can take in a drip program, seethisarticle.
  2. Arecipient list for your drip program. Create the list of prospects that you would like to place on the drip program to receive drip emails or you can choose an existing list. This can be a dynamic or static list. You will also need a suppression list if you would like to ensure that certain prospects do not receive the drip. For example, you may choose to suppress a list of current customers so they do not receive the lead nurturing emails from the drip program. For instructions to create a list and suppression list see,ListsandSuppression List.
  3. Emails to be included in the drip. You will need to create emails that will be sent throughout the drip program. SeeEmails Templates.

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If you pause a program when a prospect is on day 3 of a step with a wait of 5 days defined, the prospect will still be on day 3 of 5 when you restart it, as if no time has elapsed.(Trailhead)

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The least pressing on the hierarchy of needs put forth by Maslow is the self-actualization needs. This level is basically the level where passions and wants can easily be fulfilled. Since it is the last of the hierarchy levels, it is the least important. The idea is that following your passions, realizing your full potential, can be done after you have figured out the rest of the issues the hierarchy covers.

For those not in the know, the hierarchy, from lowest to highest, is as follows: physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. At the lowest is the most basic of human needs, such as food, sleep, shelter, etc. Safety would be where abuse situations would fall. Love and belonging is making sure you have a family. Esteem is making sure you love yourself.

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Market research is known to be an important thing. This is the process wherein the company or the individual who is doing the research gathers as many details as possible regarding different items. This means that almost everything that can be found in the market right now has gone through market research provided that they are not under the government.

There are some items being sold by companies that were just sold recently because of people’s recent demand for the item. If the items are not in demand, then market research would state that these items may not be offered. Market research is also required for items that are more high maintenance. There are items that need to be ensured that they are safe to use. They are researched first before they are offered to the general public.

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I agree with Claudia. There are at least two methods, but I believe the completion action is the recommended tool to use because of the number of allowable Automation Rules on an account are limited. Best to save those automation rules when you really need them. Besides, even Salesforce recommends the completion action for webinar registrations. Look up "Considerations for Using Pardot Forms to Register Prospects for Webinars" in the Help section of the Salesforce website.

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The answer is incorrect,

The meaning of unique submission is:

The number of individual visitors who submitted a form on the landing page. This metric doesn’t include multiple submissions from the same person.

Instead of Unique Views that means:

The number of individual visitors and prospects who viewed your landing page. This metric doesn’t include multiple views from the same person.

Go to help.salesforce to see the data that landing pages collects

The answer could be C, however, the visitor-prospect conversion is implicit within the form submission (If a visitor submitt a form become a prospect)

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The answer to this question is A. How will companies make sure that people will become attracted to the things that they are offering? They can only do this by proposing certain ideas to their consumers. If they would not be able to provide anything, consumers will try to find the same products elsewhere. For example, the company may promise that the items that they offer come with a money-back guarantee.

This will entice people to get more details from the company because they know that if they are unhappy with the products that they have received, they can get their money back again. They may also provide points and rewards system to make their customers more loyal to their company.

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SEO refers to organic search results while SEM focuses on paid search

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The answer should be campaign or Date range

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